Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Norwegian Discoveries

While I'm on my bandwagon of Danish Design that I posted about here, I thought I'd also look into Norwegian designs.  I hear a lot about Swedish design, and the incredible design talent in Copenhagen, but hadn't seen a lot from Norway...I was happily surprised by what I found when I went looking at Nordic designs - especially the site Skonahem.  I ate it up!

There's definitely a theme here - neutral colors with a lot of white and lots of natural elements - no doubt inspired by the incredible surroundings!  Take a peek at what I discovered:


Design by Norema

Nature by Norema

 The next three images kinda remind me of Chalet Chic...



Along the way, I discovered one other source that I loved so much it
deserves a post of its own - check back tomorrow!


The enchanted home said...

Love those dining tables.....just fabulous!

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

These images are beautiful, i love Norweigan design so simply yet elegant. i love the fresh whites against natural wood. These are gorgeous spaces

Anonymous said...

love all the light, white interiors of this publication...eclectic yet well blended elements create a fabulous atmosphere....

designchic said...

I adore Norwegian design...so pretty, simple and fresh. Thanks for the introduction to some new sites!!

quintessence said...

I love Norway - it's a beautiful country, friendly people, and low key rustic chic so tied to their environment. These are terrific examples and can't wait to see your find tomorrow.

Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

I have to say Barbara, I've learned more about Norweigan design here than anywhere else! And I LOVE it.

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

I am totally addicted the Skona Hem! Lost many hours lost in front of it! I really love the rustic charm of Nordic design. I can't wait to visit one day!


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