Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Green!

Do I think I live in the southern hemisphere and that Spring is approaching?  I'm not sure, but the last few days - in spite of all the spice colors around me - I have green on my mind big time.  

Maybe it started with this post...many of you said you prefer this look over the more traditional colors...especially paired with white pumpkins.  It sounds lovely to me!

Or, maybe it was the visit this week to the fantastic Watson Kennedy store in downtown Seattle where the purveyor, Ted Kennedy Watson, had a beautiful display of all sorts of yummies for the home in various shades of green...  (it was so great to finally meet you Ted!)

To top it all  off, I have a client that I met with on Tuesday who is considering celadon as her "neutral" throughout her open plan's going to be gorgeous.

Whatever it is, green is in the forefront of my mind in spite of the cooler temps and influx of richer colors for the season.  I gathered up a few beautiful ideas that I thought I'd share today.  Maybe y'all will find this refreshing.  :) 

green green green!

Green dining room......

Green dining room

f & b french grey

gorgeous mosaic tiles in natural greens.

Green dining room

Greenhouse dinner tablescape - Carolyne Roehm

Green dining room

In some of these mother nature does the designing in green, but you can't go wrong with that.  :)  

What color is calling your name right now?


Splendid Market said...

Celadon and a neutral throughout a house sounds divine! So peaceful and calming and I can imagine how wonderful it would look with accents of navy or orange. Love Watson Kennedy, you are getting around, girl!
Have a great weekend.

The enchanted home said...

SO that first picture and the one of the greenhouse and all the white flowers....against all the green its spectacular! I have to say as much as I love fall as the cozy season it is something about seeing that bright green grass and blooming flowers is still the ultimate!
Happy weekend to you Barabara.....

carolyn bradford said...

I wish I could show you my green, glazed walls in my dining room and the different shades of green ( celadon included) in my sun room and then my green velvet loveseat in my den! Obviously, I'm a HUGE fan of green! It's get hard at times when I see so many pretty pictures of neutrals and I get that urge to change everything up! End the end…I'm afraid I would be sorry! All of these images were beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

cindy hattersley design said...


I adore that tablescape in the conservatory. Is it that the tablescape is so wonderful, or the combination of the fabulous surroundings. I think both but oh how lovely it is! You find the best images!

April Louise said...

I would really like to have a fabulous light above my dining table. I think it frames the room. Great selection of images.

Acquired Objects said...

Barbara your client's home is going to be stunning if you're taking inspiration from these images. We've had sage green throughout our home for the past decade and now lightening things up a bit with gray.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Such pretty inspiration. Green isn't usually my go to color, but maybe I should start taking it into consideration...

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Great inspirations. Sounds like you have some wonderful ideas for your client. Love the table setting in the conservatory.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

That conservatory and table setting with the white geraniums is gorgeous! I might have to copy that idea (not that I have a conservatory) x Sharon


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