Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend R&R

Happy Friday Everyone!  Today's post was delayed because we have some remodeling going on in the house and the internet connection got messed up.  However, here I am as the week comes to a close.  :)

First of all I wanted to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to those that were so kind to leave a comment and/or send emails in support of my decision that I posted about yesterday.  I really, really appreciate it.  Your perspectives meant so much to me, reassuring me that following my instincts was the right thing to do.  So...Thank You.

We have a very low key weekend ahead...hopefully we won't be working too hard on the never-ending house do list; rather just resting, relaxing and maybe a bit of Cinco de Mayo festivities.  :)   In light of R&R I thought a few images along those lines might be nice. 

Pinned Image

I could sit here forever, as long as someone kept bringing me yummies on a tray that looked like this...

Pinned Image
via Lonny Magazine

OK maybe I'd better get up off the couch once in a while and enjoy that sea breeze up close.  Maybe I'll wander over to these benches...
Pinned Image

...and ponder this inspirational thought:

Pinned Image

That's so true, isn't it?? 

I'll be back on Monday with some exciting news about Linen Haus!


Splendid Sass said...

Have a great weekend, Barbara. Such gorgeous images.

Acquired Objects said...

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend Barbara!


Thoughts on Design said...

Hope you're having that relaxing weekend... I'm "relaxing" in the office when I'm not out back dismantling the old dog run... Anyone need some good chain link fence???


Garden, Home & Party said...

Have a great weekend. We all need a little R&R every now and then. Lovely images...I'll enjoy a respite with these!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Hope you have a great has been crazy. Great to catch up. XO,Mona

Leslie said...


I hope you are enjoying the nice weather we are FINALLY having! Good luck with the remodel and settling in with your family.



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