Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beautiful Neutral Decor

Hi Everyone!

I don't know if you've noticed, but I have been blogging a little less frequently...  I've decided to focus a bit more of my energy on my shop as well as some other creative ventures that are coming up.  (More on that soon.)  Anyway, I will gladly continue blogging, but it will be a bit more sporadic than in the past.  

For today, here is a random assortment of beautiful things/ideas/designs that I have discovered lately.  There is a definite trend here in these shots...neutrals and a lot of texture.  I hope you find something you like!

bookshelves ~ Hallberg & Wisely

banquette and breakfast table.  From the Pink Ribbon House in Houston.



Hallberg and Wisely


RH 20

dining room by mcalpine booth & ferrier

cozy, masculine - beautiful

great slips

airy neutrals

All sources can be found on my Pinterest boards here.


The enchanted home said...

Thats the beauty of being at the helm of your own blog, you do it when you can. I think summer is a little lighter anyway since everyone branches into different directions. I love this reaffirms my love for neutral light colored interiors, I feel they are not only so beautiful but so restful too.
Gorgeous Barbara!

Splendid Sass said...

Understand fully how you need to spend time on your shop! I think everyone can understand that.
These images are gorgeous, Barbara.
Happy Wednesday.

Marianne said...

Take all the time you need, Barbara. Summers tend to slow down for a lot of bloggers, after all there are so many other things to be doing. Of course you know neutrals are near and dear to my heart and these rooms are right up my alley!

Acquired Objects said...

You always find such beautiful pictures Barbara. You shouldn't worry about posting less I only post once a week because to be honest that's all the time I have for it. I get to blog and not feel pressure either. So no worries we love your blog and will always be here.


michele said...

oh barbra! i'm especially gasping at the space with the large mirror and reminiscent of a paris cafe--how charming is that? i want to live in the picture.

good for you you'll be busy with unplugged activities, when things are out of balance, it's no good!

smiles to you.


Thoughts on Design said...

I love the largely back and white scheme, how it pulls you in to the photograph. I feel like I'm in the room.

I too am finding it harder to post consistently. Our work load has picked up considerably - much to my delight. If you need to spend more time on the shop, it must mean it is dong well, a happy "problem" to have.

Looking forward to hearing more on your other creative ventures as they develop...


pretty pink tulips said...

This only reinforces my love of neutral, yet textured spaces.

Not sure if you spoke with Carolyn about this...but she has set up a M,W, F schedule that works really well. People know when she'll post something new, it's a lighter schedule and keeps her in the loop.

Now you've gotten me thinking about "summer hours"! :)
xoxo Elizabeth

Victoria said...

Lovely images, as usual, Barbara. Post when you can. I always enjoy your posts no matter how often you can do them. In fact, I have found I have to more selective about the number of blogs I read, because that can become overwhelming too...and I just have to read them, not research, organize, conceptualize, write and post them. I am getting exhausted just thinking about it. I am happy the shop is doing well. Follow your bliss.

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Don’t worry about blogging less frequently, it’s so hard to get the work/blog/family/self/sleep balance right! I will still pop in to say hi every time you blog! Especially if you show me more images like that grey/blue kitchen in the middle, I just about fell off my chair when I saw it!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Barbara, I understand! We to are having a hard time gathering post. We just don't have enough time in the day.

Luciane at said...

Hi sweetie,

I'm struggling w/ time too. I can't comment as I used to do, I simply can't find the time. I'm working a lot and it's never easy to manage your time w/ a baby, right? You don't have much control over that. So, I understand your point. Something's gotta give.. :-)

I love this post.. I even saved some pictures.

Have a great day, sweetie.


Luciane at

ayumi said...

wonderful work! the way you discuss the subject i'm very impressed. i'll bookmark this webpage and be back more often to see more updates from you.



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