Monday, April 4, 2011

Comfy and Cozy Reading Nooks

We are a family of readers, so I am consistently drawn to any space
that looks appealing for a good book.  Here are a few that I think do this very well!

{Cooking Light Idea House}
I love how this makes a small room out of the reading space. 
The arch, the stairs, the tiles, the built in shelves and the windows are amazing!

{Marco Meneguzzi}
I'm crazy about this idea.  I love the idea of dining surrounded by lovely books and the stories that go with it looks fab. 
And, when not dining, the largest table in the house is available
for all types of literary adventures!

Another room along the same lines - with to-die-for flooring.

{via Griege Blog}

 The colors in this room are so sublime, and I love these accent tables. 
Afterall, you have to have a place to put your drink down when your eyelids grow heavy...

{via Sketch42 Blog}
Combining an office and reading space is a great idea...not to mention having a great spot to flip through design books and mags to get inspiration for blogging! 

Love, love, love the nesting tables - together or scattered throughout a space.
These bookshelves invite you to grab a good book - maybe a cookbook in this case - and head over to the sunny window seat for a good read.

 I love the idea of a window seat/reading nook in a child's room
to plant the seed for a lifelong love of reading.

I love the coziness that the curtains provide, and the depth
of the seating makes for good snuggles to go along with a good book.

This is a nice way to use part of a larger room, providing a cozier feel. 

I love this idea.  What a great way to add some architectural details
to a space, especially a small one.

Another great spot for a reading area - in the master bedroom or even a guest room, if you really want to treat them to their own little retreat at your place!

Where do you love to read, and what?

(BTW, I posted on this topic about a week ago and then had all kinds of problems.  So, if this feels like Déjà-vu - it is.  Sorry that I lost the wonderful comments that went along with it - please post again if you feel up to it!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,
love home libraries and reading nooks...I had given away so many books during my last couple of moves and am finally collecting more again now that I will have space for them so excited...and your post is such an inspiration :)

................. said...

Nothing like a good reading nook. Wish i had the time to read a good book. my reading nook consists of a chair in a corner of Barnes n' Noble quickly catching up on design (and gossip) magazines. I absolutely love the office/reading nook combo space. Totally my style. Xo

Marivic said...

My two daughters love to read and this post reminded me that I HAVE to find some cozy but brightly-illuminated corners for them to curl up into. Right now they are just on their beds most of the time. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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