Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Layered Look

Anthropologie is on location in Columbia (on my travel wish list for sure) for their latest catalog.  There are some fantastic images to be found!  

I saw this picture today and really liked the idea of hanging various curtains side by side.  We have all seen curtains over blinds or shades, or even one in front of another, but I would love to try out layering various patterns of curtains like this.  It looks bohemian here (of course since it's Anthro) but it could be done in all sorts of ways with all styles of fabrics for really cool effects.  It would look amazing on a large wall of windows, but it would be a great way to add a lot of interest to a small or simple space that lacks architectural detail.  Such a simple idea that has tons of possibilities!


I played around with some ideas and thought I'd share a few with you.  I had to stop myself from creating more and more combinations!  All of the fabrics are from the Quadrille website unless otherwise noted:

{orange trellis fabric from calico corners}

What would you do with this idea?


Mona Thompson said...

Lovely combinations. Isn't amazing what you can do on the computer and how much time you can spend before you know it? Have a great day. Mona

Anonymous said...

:) you stopped yourself from making way more you get started it's hard to stop! love all the looks...and am planning on doing something like this in the summer's a look I love too...

Portland Sunshine said...

i love that you love anthro. who doesn't?


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