Thursday, April 19, 2012

How Cool Are These?

Who doesn't love etsy?  The discoveries are endless!  I came across these totally fun custom made cutting boards from AHeirloom and wanted to share them with you.  They are beautifully made and would make an awesome gift.  

Here are a couple of examples that are meaningful to me.  You can specify where you want the heart to be - to identify a special location. I love that idea! And, they are made from rapidly renewable bamboo - very nice.  I ordered a few for my husband and family members for this past Christmas and they were a big hit!

Oregon, where I grew up, just a bit south of the heart!

Germany - I requested that the heart be on Munich, of course.  :)

They have one for every state (obviously, some work better than others) and a few key countries so far.  These would make a great gift for someone who loves a certain place in the world, or misses their home state, or as a housewarming gift...just a fun idea all the way around!


Haus and Home said...

That is a really cute gift idea for someone moving! Love it!

Seaside Style said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I love these cutting boards , so cool! Have a great day!


michele said...



Splendid Sass said...

How great! Love the little hearts too.
Happy Thursday.

Luciane at said...

This is a conversation piece, for sure!

I hope everything is great with you, sweetie.


Luciane at

Stacy Curran said...

These are great!! Hope all is well with you Barbara!

Thoughts on Design said...

Very cool!!!

How's the house coming?



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