Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I took a very special trip to Peru with my Dad a few years ago and I am so glad we took the time together to explore's an amazing country!  We were enchanted by so many unexpectedly beautiful sights, foods and experiences.  My favorite cultural memory is visiting the "Museo del Oro" (Museum of Gold) in Lima.  It went far beyond gold, including many fascinating textiles that spelled out their trading history, exquisite jewelry that represented ancient symbolic warfare, and more.   Enjoy the treasures!



I hope you enjoyed our cultural tour for today.  :)

(All of these pictures come from the museum's website unless otherwise noted.)


Splendid Sass said...

Thank you for sharing, Barbara. You have ben everywhere!
Happy Wednesday.

I Dream Of said...

I've never been to Peru, but would love to get there some day. What a great adventure you must have had with your Dad! Love the treasures you've captured for us.

Thoughts on Design said...

Beautiful pictures, Barbara. I'm sure the trip was all the more special because your Dad was with you.


designchic said...

What a special trip...beautiful images!


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