Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hope you're all having a good weekend!  We are in the final stretch now.  If all goes well, in just a few days the movers will be at our new house, moving in our container of goods that we haven't seen in two months!  We have also had a lot in storage here in the US for the last five years (not to mention a few additions here and there :)), so I'm excited to see all of those items too. 

I hate the process leading up to moving because of all the stress, but I do love settling in.  One of my favorite parts is finding fresh ways to re-purpose my accessories in the new space.  Hence, my post for today - a few rooms with great details that I'm inspired by.  Enjoy!

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For some reason I'm really focused on sprucing up the boring spots in our new house right now:  laundry room, pantry and the like.  I love how the lighting, glass and baskets make so much more of this room without much effort.  The marble counters don't hurt but I think you could skip it and still get the effect.  This one's going in the inspiration files!

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I love decorating with baskets and these are so pretty. 
Look how great oversized baskets look in this room:

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Personally I think the room needs a little "more", but the nesting tables, baskets and matching sofas really caught my eye.

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A great rug can elevate a boring stairwell to a very chic space.  What a playful, feminine choice.

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Those floors are so unique and the arches frame that office so beautifully.

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I want to find a spot for some fun, bold wallpaper - I already love the idea of it on the backs of bookshelves, but this is a fresh take on it!

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We are going to do some remodeling and I really love this iron divider idea!

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Notice all of the great accessories...I like the detailing on the shelving and they thought ahead to wire so that the owner had a spot for lamps.

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Look at this room in Brooke Shields' apartment.  Notice the throw, the ottoman, the pillows.  None of them match or even coordinate, yet somehow without them the room would just look like a sum of its parts, no?  I need to take some notes on this one.  :)

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This hallway could be boring and exclusively functional...but instead it has a TON of wow factor!
What do you think of moving?  Love it or hate it?


Acquired Objects said...

I hate moving but I love the excitment that lays ahead. I love that laundry room in the first picture that room would make laundry enjoyable.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Beautiful inspiration pics, Barbara. I actually love moving. It's an opportunity to neatly organize what we already own, and a chance to start fresh. I'm anxious to move again, but, it'll be another year or so before we start searching for our 'empty nest' home.
You must be so excited! Happy moving!
~ Wendi ~

Splendid Sass said...

Beautiful images, Barbara. I love the laundry room! Dream. The hall is sos gorgeous.
Happy Sunday.

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

Great inspiration pictures! It is going to be so much fun to see what you have in storage and feel like you are shopping from a new store! Everything is going to feel so new to you! Can't wait to see how well you will pull it all together!

Carla Aston said...

Some lovely images here. I'm moved a lot myself, although not in the last 10 years. It's a great way to clean out things. That's about all I have to say for it! Good luck!

Love that wallpaper in the closet.


Thoughts on Design said...

Hate moving! I was reminded this summer when Sally and I helped our sone move...

Most people would fight over that laundry room! I'm partial to the hall picture as well. Great oriental on the floor anchoring the space.


Karen said...

How fun! A new beginning in a new home in a new community. Plus, you get to figure out which things go with's fun to re-purpose accessories that served in a different space in the house before this one. Have some of the ideas you've shown in this post.

MJH Design Arts said...

I have a love/hate relationship with moving. It definitely keeps clutter to a minimum and closets weeded out. Plus there is the adventure of it all. That said, moving is also full of the sadness of leaving one life for another. Having moved internationally many times, changing countries brings more of a challenge....I love Brooke Shield's room--it's not matchy, but all of the elements are neoclassical and it has great coherence and character. Good luck with the movers and that feeling of Christmas when you open the boxes. Be well. Mary

Merlin said...

"Splendid Willow" got me curious...You will be all cozy in your "Home Sweet Home" in no time! It's the "tweaks" that take the time! :) franki

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Oh wow I'm totally in love with your laundry room!! It's the nicest one I've seen to date =) I can't believe how envious I am at this point lol! Congratulations on moving-- Te process may be stressful, but at least you have the decorating to look forward to!

xox Linda

Shabby Chic Furniture said...

I feel basket decoration goes well mainly with bamboo furniture or log furniture. Not with this style of furnishing.


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