Saturday, March 24, 2012

Focus on Bali: Design

I hope you're enjoying seeing some of our photos from Bali.  I really could go on and on with the images of nature and more, but I'll try to keep it in check.  :)

Here are a few design photos from some of the chicest places we dined in Bali.  This is definitely more of the modern, tourist side of the Bali experience, so it's not as authentic, but still with their beautiful interpretation of style:

Don't miss the copper lighting. 

More great lighting and a stunning floral display.

This petrified wood stool/side table inspired us to find one of our own.
More on that when it arrives in the US!

The water features are a bold move but great for this large space.

I have one more post about my shopping experiences but I'll give you guys a little breather first. 
More coming next week!


Jalon Burton said...

oh so beautiful - don't you just LOVE to experience the different cultures of the world and see what influences they have on design? thanks for sharing. Have a marvelous Saturday. xoxo Jalon

Interior Design Musings said...

Total goodness!! Love the idea of some Bali inspiration in a space. I saw three "slices" of petrified wood hanging on a wall in the Natural HIstory Museum this past week in D.C. and told my Mom how fabulous that would look in a space!! Love that you are getting a petrified wood table of your own. M.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. My son went there and loved it.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I need to go to Bali!

Karena said...

So many interesting elements Barbara. My sister has been to Bali and loved it!

I hope you will come and see my feature on an amazing sculptor!

Art by Karena
Artists Series 2012

Stacy Curran said...

You are such an expect on design styles of the world. Maybe you should write a book!! I'm serious!

designchic said...

Bali is definitely on my bucket list...just have to muster up the energy to tackle that flight!! These posts may have just given me that boost ~

Thoughts on Design said...

Some very interesting lighting and light fixtures. Also LIke how the drapery is used to imply and define areas of space in several photographs.




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