Friday, March 23, 2012

Focus on Bali: Balinese People

Today I thought I'd post a few of my favorite shots of the people we captured on film on our trip to Bali.  Most of you know how much I have traveled, and as anyone will tell you the people can make or break a vacation.  Never have I come across a more consistently happy, polite, honest and contended society than I did on Bali.  Of course after I uploaded these pictures I noticed that hardly any of the people were smiling!  So you'll just have to trust me:  they were smiling - a LOT.  :)

They have a secret that we all need to get in on.  They were absolutely lovely to us.  I know they have their own challenges, but hats off to this beautiful island for the ways of their people! 

Here goes...

My husband took this picture and I think it's my favorite "street scene" photo from the whole trip.

 I bought a beautiful batik tablecloth for my sister from this lovely lady.  She smiled when she made the sale.  :)  Notice the rice paddies (and tourists) in the background.

An action shot. 

She actually looks kinda angry.  Maybe she didn't want me to take her picture. 
Most of them were happy when I did though.  Case in point:

The women gather to prepare offerings for the celebration.
You can't see it here but this woman is holding a huge offering, in a skirt no less. 
How she didn't fall off that scooter I'll never know.

These last two are of a sacred area on the beach itself.  I admired that way of making an offering, and so different than a typical man made structure, so I thought it was worth the two shots.

I'm curious to hear your impressions so please leave a comment!


Acquired Objects said...

They looked happy to me and the five kids grouped together above look wonderful. Funny but that lady with the rice on her head does look angry but think how much that thing weighs...Looks like a wonderful country and I want that orange tablecloth!

Enjoy your Friday!

Splendid Sass said...

Everything in perfect balance and harmony. Thank you for sharing, Barbara.
Happy Friday.

I Dream Of said...

Lovely photos, Barbara. I think you've captured the mood of the place beautifully even if not everyone is smiling in the pictures. There's a sense of calm and beauty that must have something to do with the happiness you experienced there. Hope your weekend is a happy one, not too stressful with house stuff! XO

Karen said...

Except for the one little older lady all of the people look happy. The area is so lush and green, very pretty.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

You're certainly not the first person to talk about what a wonderful country this is! One day, I'll get there! Beautiful photos!

5th and State said...

the people versus only landscape shots is what makes this come alive for me. thank you for this post!

Thoughts on Design said...

What I kept seeing were the interesting combinations of color, pattern and texture in all your pictures. Great for future design ideas...



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