Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love It or Leave It: The Galley Kitchen

I have come across a few kitchens lately that I think are just beautiful...and guess what?  They are a very traditional galley kitchen - which can often be really difficult to work with - but in these cases, I think they're quite impressive:

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Our new home won't have a galley kitchen, but these images
certainly don't scare me away from one anymore!
What do you think:  love it or leave it?


Tatiana Doria said...

I love the ones that have wooden floors.
Yes, after this I´m not afraid of a gallery kitchen either!
Nice post!

Thoughts on Design said...

Quite frankly. I love them. They do what a kitchen is supposed to do. Even in large open kitchens Sally and I design, we try to keep the working area as efficient as one would find in a galley kitchen.

Love the vaulted ceilings. They work wonders opening up a narrow space. The last one is my favorite. I might stay there all day with my iPad...

Barbara, you're going to enjoy my next post...


Stacy Curran said...

Love! Especially the first one. Maybe not as practical for this point in my life, but wouldn't mind having one someday

Splendid Sass said...

I love a galley kitchen! It is so much easier for me. I think that is why most butler's pantries are built like they are. My kitchen in my last house was too big and I just like being able to turn around and be where I need to be.
Happy Thursday.

Karen said...

I've had a galley kitchen for 30 years and I really like it. If they're laid out properly they are very efficient.
I really liked the final image...the glass panes are so pretty.

Leslie said...

I've never worked in or had one. I imagine of designed well would be efficient. These are all gorgeous - lots to think about here!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Oh, Barbara! You found some beauties here. The only downside of a gally kitchen, it that it's harder for friends to congregate there.

designchic said...

They don't bother me a the first and the last. The gorgeous windows and french doors in the last image visually expand the space...lovely!!

I Dream Of said...

I actually had a tiny little galley kitchen in my first house. And loved it. Everything had it's place, and I didn't have to go far to find it. I do miss that little cottage sometimes! Happy Weekend, Barbara. Hope you can take some time away from all the settling in to relax this weekend!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love galley kitchens. They are pretty easy to cook in and everything is right there.

Acquired Objects said...

Love most of these galley kitchens since they look like they have counter space and cabinets for storage. Most that I've seen are short on both but these are wonderful examples.

Enjoy your weekend!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Barbara, I'm so glad you're getting settled in Seattle. Good luck with the house purchase and I definitely hope we can connect now that you're in the pacific northwest:) I love galley kitchens because they're normally too small for people to gather. My open kitchen is a gathering place and causes me much distraction from cooking!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

If I had my choice I would not design one from the start...but that being said if I was doing a remodel...I love all of these.

olive and white said...

I've always had gallery kitchens... not sure why. And these images certainly get me inspired to freshen up mine.

The Vintique Object said...

Love 'em! One common element among all of these is that there is a focal point at the end of the kitchen. Even the one with the blank wall, fixed that with the huge fork. So, that's the key with galley kitchens, I think.

George J. McGuire said...

Fantastic! Specially first one is the best. As it has green. I wish someday I will have a home with this type kitchen.
George J. McGuire
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Tanja Kalliomäki said...

They are really impressive and look elegant for a kitchen.Well this is the good time to choose for a kitchen renovation.thanks for sharing.

Rose Mayfield said...

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John said...

All your designs are looking very beautiful. The design of your first kitchen is great

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