Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Designer Envy: Kara Mann

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a great labor day weekend.  We did, full of BBQs, nature outings and other fun stuff.  This week is full of rush, rush, rush for all of the back to school activities!  It's all good though and it's time to get back into the swing of things.  Personally I hope to have a bit more time for blogging, my shop and some other design features this Fall so I'm looking forward to it!  More on that soon...

Anyway, for today's post -- I just came across the work on Kara Mann and had to share it.  Perhaps you're already familiar with some or all of her work.  I was very impressed by her unique, eclectic style.  I hope you find something here that you like!  

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Beautiful space by Kara Mann


Michigan Avenue Residence - Kara Mann

Kara Mann


kara mann (greenview)

Kara Mann

Kara Mann

Kara Mann

Kara Mann
This room is my favorite - wow, wow, wow.

Designer Kara Mann

kara mann
I don't know if I'd have the guts to have this art, but it sure is daring and memorable!

Kara Mann

kara mann

Kara Mann

Kara Mann
I chose to use this one last on purpose...what a heavenly spot, no?  

I'd love to hear what you think of her work, so please leave a comment telling me your thoughts.  
Have a great Wednesday!

You can see more of her work on my Pinterest board here.


The enchanted home said...

All lovely but that last picture knocks my socks off!! Amazing, glad you had a great weekend!

Acquired Objects said...

Nope I didn't know about Kara so I'm glad you did a post about her beautiful work. I'm with you that living room with all the windows is fabulous!


I Dream Of said...

Striking and truly unique. She has a signature style that doesn't quite look like anyone else, I think. That last photo. Wow. Wish I could just hang out there all day today.

Good luck getting everyone one sorted in school this week! XO

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I have never heard of her and love her work! Thanks for introducing her to me.

Splendid Sass said...

Thank you for the introduction, Barbara. I have seen the image with the Hermes boxes, but not the other beauties. Unique is the word, and I love her work.
Happy Wednesday.

The Buzz Blog said...

Love Kara's work and her choice of art is amazing... each room has its own distinctive flair! Would love to have so many Hermes boxes...
C + C

Leslie said...

A heavenly spot indeed! Gorgeous home Barbara

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Hi there,
It sounds like you have settled into your community very well! Yes, I love your favorite as well. The last one is incredible too! I can imagine what that view must cost!

designchic said...

Her work is amazing and I adore the last image...heavenly!!

mary said...

I have always liked her work, except where it gets a bit stagey. The last photo!! To die for. Thanks. Mary

Stacy Curran said...

I've been a fan of her work, too - that console with the orange (Hermes?) boxes floors me!

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

I’d come across one or two of these images on Pinterest without knowing they were from the same designer! They are all so sophisticated and beautiful (very you Barbara!) – I love the use of dark timber, especially in the bathroom. And you are so right, that room with all the huge windows is my favourite too!

Thoughts on Design said...

I was not familiar with her. She has a very identifiable style - certain pieces of furniture, shapes and forms repeat throughout the images. Not quite me, but I can sit back and appreciate what she is doing.


quintessence said...

Yes, she has a very eclectic aesthetic - and you were so right to save that view for last! A definite ahhhh moment!

Urban Orchard Interiors said...

I love how she incorporates organic elements into her designs. Those stools in that bedroom are gorgeous!


Haus and Home said...



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