Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Robotic Dining Room

My son looooooves building robots, so we have a lot of them in our life right now - in the car, in his room, in the bathroom...basically everywhere.  The other day I asked him to move a whole army of robots off of our stairs and find a place elsewhere in the house so that we didn't keep tripping on them on the stairs.  Look where they ended up!  All the way around the dining room.  I couldn't have decorated it better myself.  :)

I've been meaning to post about that art for a while now but haven't gotten organized.  They are all photographs that I took during our European travels, but modified with photo editing tools for all kinds of cool interpretations...impressionist, etc. similar to what I posted here.

He's even got one incognito behind the curtain, guarding the french doors leading to the deck - very thorough!  
The vessel is from a flea market in Munich and the branches are from our back yard.

My husband and I bought these sepia photographs at an art festival on the bridge shown on the left in Prague in 2001.  I love them as much today as they first day we laid eyes on them.
They are moody, sultry, beautiful, mysterious - just like Prague!
(I guess the robots like them too and don't want anyone taking them)

They say that love makes a home...or, in this case, a love of robots.  :)  

How do your loved ones add to your home decor?


Acquired Objects said...

I love that you let your son decorate too, his robots are great! Dylan dog is the only one who helps me decorate with his toys and they're everywhere. I don't move them since he remembers where he left them. Love your pictures too and your vessel, fabulous!


I Dream Of said...

Love your art. The robot "sculptures" certainly add a bit of atmosphere to the space, too! Happy Wednesday! XOXO

Splendid Sass said...

Oh my goodness, Barbara, the sepia photographs and the photographs you had made are stunning. You really are so talented.
I have to laugh out loud at the robots. I have a grown son, but he did the same thing with his toys when he was young. They can be quite creative!
Happy Wednesday.

MJH Design Arts said...

I love the robots. Yes, they are protecting you. Ethan (1st grandson), now 13 (how did that happen) just stopped making robots a couple of years ago.. I love creative (little) boys who love to play. Have fun.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

I say leave the robots right there - they could become real conversation pieces! Too sweet. x Sharon

Leslie said...

You have to love this about boys.. right? I miss those days as my little boy is now 23! I agree with Sharon.. just leave them :)

Barbara, I'm sure you have SO many gorgeous photos with all the traveling you've done. It's a challenge to figure how what to do with it all isn't it? :)

Hope you are enjoying the great weather!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Barbara, I have been there. I have two boys. We have had skateboards to roller-blades decorating my house. Now I have a bike in my living room. The bike belongs to the hubby...they never change! Boys at heart....Gotta love them.

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh my gosh....this is hysterical!!! I can TOTALLY see my 8 year old doing this! We have little LEGO characters everywhere. And, they hurt your foot if you're not looking!!!

Love your talented little robot builder!
xoxo Elizabeth


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