Friday, September 14, 2012

Rustic Elegance In Mendoza

Ahh....the travel bug has bitten me again!  I have been telling people for the last several months that after our time in Europe and our wonderful trip to Bali, I am really content to stay home for a while.  Now I wonder if anyone actually believed me!  

I have had my eye on Argentina for a while, but now that I have found this wonderful little oasis in the middle of Argentina's wine country, it's really calling my name.  It's such a lovely mix of a beautiful landscape, a rustic yet elegant retreat and lots of irresistable food and wine.  Take a look at the wonderful Finca Adalgisa with me...

From their website:  
Finca Adalgisa is an early 20th century manor house and vineyard estate in the heart of the premier wine-growing region of Argentina. It is a charming family home converted in 2001 by Gabriela Furlotti,a third generation Argentine-Italian, into the first boutique hotel and finca in Mendoza.

The region is known for its wine and is fast becoming a widely respected (and desired) export! 


Arched windows and a courtyard?  Absolutely. 

I love the rustic throw at the end of the bed, and the carved doors...

A heavenly spot to read a great novel. 

They also offer cooking classes...are those empanadas?  Yum. 

Olive oil is also produced on the property. 
What a great gift to bring home to friends and family. 

I love this picture - wine, candle light and water.  
What more does one need in Argentina?  :)

So now you know what I'll be dreaming about this weekend.
How about you?


Acquired Objects said...

That place looks fabulous and I love wine, lets go. It looks a lot better then what we have planned fo the weekend, stacking wood and getting ready for winter. Then again it's my Birthday on Sunday so it won't all be bad!


Splendid Sass said...

I can understand why you are drawn to this beautiful place. Such a relaxed and laid back place. I love the garden pool too.
Happy Friday.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Looks wonderful! I'm ready to book my flight and room!

Marianne said...

Oh, this looks amazing! Take me with you!

carolyn bradford said...

Oh!!! This is where I"m dying to go! I've heard that the antiques there are phenomenal and wonderful prices! One of my best friend's brothers own a very upscale hunting place there that is breathtaking and the shop owner across from me is married to a man from there so I hear about it all of the time! This place looks wonderful too! Thanks for sharing it!

cindy said...

They do have so many great wines and so much to see. I think you found a little jewel. Now if I could only fit in your suitcase!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

this has my heart longing!! looks so fabulous, a place i would just love to visit. happy travels!

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