Friday, August 3, 2012

Ideas For Styling Shelves & Vignettes

The hardest part of a room design (but also the most fun) is adding those finishing details that make it truly special and unique.  Here are a few beautiful ideas for styling vignettes and shelving that may help you out.  I know I got some great ideas!

living room | interiors | february/march 2012


entry console / vignette

Great detailing on the inside of that shade!

gorgeous coffee tablescape by alexandra berlin

great entry set-up

Great tips found here!

styling on entry table
I love it when the vignette is layered in front of artwork...


Blush pink and gold
Another great use of front of the shelves!



kitchen, white cabinets, brass pulls, Zodiac countertop backsplash, vignette, Venice Italy travel sketch, hydrangeas, fruit bowl
Love those brass knobs!

coffee table styling


What's your best tip for styling a great vignette?


Acquired Objects said...

I don't go in and try to style a vignette all at once. My shelves and table tops just happen by placing one thing at a time over time. I usually end up moving stuff anyway but this was great fun to see and learn.


Splendid Sass said...

Where do you find these images. Stunning. You can bet I am pinning away!
Happy Friday.

I Dream Of said...

Lots of great inspiration here! I think the most important thing is to make sure you're styling with things that you truly love, that make you happy. That way, you make sure your vignette has "soul". Happy weekend, Barbara. Can't believe it's finally going to climb into the 90s! Stay cool. XO

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

These are some fabulous vignettes...our favorite thing to do. The icing on the cake in any design. I agree that they should be personal to the client...but sometimes it just takes that unusual piece..that you can find for them, or you need to add texture or height to the things that they already have. The most important thing is the editing...Just because you own something doesn't mean you have to use it. Have a great weekend. Mona

michele said...

i like the unexpected in a vignette. so much inspiration here, and i love the closeups because sometimes the really special stuff is small and gets missed!

i have a small alligator head on an old stack of prayer books right now. from a distance, you would think OH ISN'T THAT SWEET? but up close, LOOK AT THOSE TEETH!

ok. maybe not the best example.

smiles, B.


Thoughts on Design said...

Gorgeous vignettes! Yes, I too wonder where you find all these images. A post like this doesn't happen in 15 minutes.

Personally, I like clean and simple. Accessories are the icing on the cake. But as with frosting, too much of a good thing will make the cake too sweet. Careful editing. Too much - everything fights for attention - the design begins to fall apart. Rotate to keep the space interesting. Don't feel you have to fill everything up all at once. Let things evolve.


cindy said...

Such a great post Barbara...sometimes when I am befuddled (alot) it is great to have something to refer to...wonderful ideas

designchic said...

Such effortless style in all of these images. Love the table with the basket below and the throw casually draped off of the edge...beautiful. Happy weekend ~

Splendid Market said...

Some great notions here. I like to have something "living" and things that I love and maybe collected in my travels. Shells, interesting stones or art pieces that I've carried home from a trip alway make vignettes more interesting to me...

Victoria said...

Great examples, Barbara. I love Heather Bullard's kitchen shelves. Creating vignettes is my favorite part of designing a space. I especially enjoy "shopping" in someone's home to create a vignette using their own things in new and different ways. Many years ago, my job involved creating shop and window displays for retail stores. It was so much fun for me, I almost would have done it for free...almost.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

What great inspiration here. It makes me want to clear all my surfaces and start all over again! Hope you are well x Sharon

Haus and Home said...

Lots of great styling ideas! My "Styling" pinterest board is going to be happy with some new additions.

Urban Orchard Interiors said...

Just pinned so much of this! I love the diagram--it's great to have these to show clients when they want reasons for why you make a certain choice. Thanks again!


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