Monday, August 13, 2012

More From John Jacob Interiors

Wow, I really love this guy's work!  If I ever get to South Africa again, I'm definitely figuring out a way to see more of his designs! 

incredible lighting and table | john jacob interiors

dark walls | white furniture | shelving

john jacob interiors

Very unique work, don't you think?  
I can't say that I love every design element, but I do love a lot of it. I truly admire his originality and the feel and eclectic mix of his designs.  Not to mention his pulling in so many travel elements for a mysterious, ethnic, colonial mix.  
(Can those be done together?  Apparently he can pull it off!)
You can see a previous post about his work here .
You can find his entire portfolio here.


Acquired Objects said...

He does wonderful work made for real life thankfully. I would be happy to age twenty years backwards and meet him....;) what a cutie!


annechovie said...

Love the pool area, Barbara. Hope your week is off to a great start!

Splendid Sass said...

I LOVE HIS WORK! He is such a talented designer. I would like to see his stunning work too. Pinning.
Happy Monday.

Leslie said...

Beautiful work.. love the pops of large green plant leaves. My Mom heads to Africa soon. I hope she takes lots of photos of not only the tours.. but also the hotel!

Enjoy your day Barbara.


Urban Orchard Interiors said...

Those are such different designs--At first I thought it was different designers but then realized he is just very versatile. So interesting! So many beautiful elements.


Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

He is definitely one of my favourites! I am yet to find a designer who can layer like him!

Splendid Willow said...

And he is very good at picking good art too!

I am back in blog land after a looong time off. More about that when we meet! How about pool time or a meet up with me and Marianne on Wed Thu or Friday night? Or both!

Expect a call today!

Hugs to you Ms. Barbara


mary said...

Great classic design. Reminds me a bit of the 80's with an international twist. I'm going to watch how this designer develops. Thanks. Mary

pretty pink tulips said...

Talented...and handsome!!! He's definitely got a winning combination!!!

xoxo Elizabeth


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