Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Touches

Here are a few touches - especially for your table - that will make the remainder of your Fall season a little extra special.  :)  

Festive DIY tablescape

lovely arrangement for Fall

Thanksgiving Napkin Holder...<3

pumpkin pie frosting

Pumpkin Pie frosting - sounds irresistable!

harvest wrap

Great decorations for Thanksgiving
Pumpkins don't have to go away after Halloween.  :)

Autumn setting


Splendid Sass said...

These images are beautiful. I love the acorns and the greenery in the last image. Isn't it amazing how nature has provided us with all we need?
Happy Monday.

Divine Theatre said...

Lovely and serene...
Thank you!


michele said...

love that little zinc tin for the candle...have kept my eyes open for a few mini tart pans for just that purpose!

smiles to you.


I Dream Of said...

So pretty! LOVE the bow on the white pumpkin. Perfect ideas for Thanksgiving here.
Happy Monday, Barbara! XO

Stacy Curran said...

Just beautiful Barbara! I always love your posts

Leslie said...

These are all so pretty Barbara! I love the acorns :)


Mumbai said...

Wonderful pictures. Can you provide me with the pumpkin receipt please?


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