Friday, January 25, 2013

More European Doorways

If you have been following my blog (and specifically my travels) for a while now, you know how much I enjoy photographing spectactular architecture and especially doors...  You can see the first post I did about doors from my travels the last few years in Europe here.  

I have put together a few more from our more recent adventures, plus a few going back a while, to add to the collection.  I hope that some of these doors speak to you, as they did to me, and that perhaps they will provide some European-style entryway inspiration, too!

Madrid, Spain May 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark August 2011

Madrid, Spain May 2011

Tuscany, Italy June 2011

Barcelona, Spain September 2010

Brugge, Belgium August 2009

Munich, Germany April 2011

Venice, Italy October 2008

I hope you enjoyed this little "architectural vacation"!

All photos were taken by me, Barbara Jordan Dettweiler.  
Please do not use without my consent.


Divine Theatre said...

Looks at this post...looks at my fiberglass front door...cries.
I may have the ugliest front door in the history of front doors. Yet, it is the portal to one of the happiest places in the world! I have been wanting to change it. This serves as an inspiration!



I Dream Of said...

Thanks for letting us follow in your footsteps, Barbara. I would love to wander down a cobbled European street and wonder about what kind of lives are going on behind beautiful doors!

Hope to see you soon - still taking care of things in Tacoma, but hope to have some kind of timeline for getting back to normal shortly.

Hope you are well! XOXO

Marianne said...

I'm a sucker for beautiful doors! Hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday! xo

Emily B said...

There is so much history there...If these doors could talk!they have such character...Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

Emily @ Upstate Country House

Taylor Greenwalt said...

There beautiful....i would love to have some of these doors. You can just imagine the history and all the people that have been through them.


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