Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cozy Up By The Fire

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're all doing well.  I haven't been posting as much lately - the start of school and getting everything underway has really distracted me!  But, the dust is settling and I hope to be blogging more often going forward.  Now on to today's post!

As the weather turns cooler here in Seattle I am looking forward to experiencing our first fire in our new home.  (yes, I still call it our new home even though we've been in the house for six months now.  :))   

I think I'm a bit over-excited about this event but all of you can probably understand!  :)  Along those lines, here are a few of my favorite fireplaces.  I hope you can find some inspiration that you love!

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Thomas Callaway

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This is what's in front of my fireplace now.  
It's an old section of fences that I bought an antiques market in Munich.
I love the rustic touch that it adds to the room.

 Pinned Image

Such interesting lines on this fireplace! 

I guess you can tell that I lean toward an oversized stone fireplace mantel.
What's your favorite style?

Sources, unless otherwise noted, can be found here.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ready For Guests!

Here are a few ideas for entertaining guests this Fall and - of course - a few decorating ideas too, just for grins.  :)  Enjoy!

individual salads with berries for a party
I love anything individualized - aren't these so pretty and fun?

Autumn Urn


snacks served in rustic containers
Kid-friendly and adorable.

wine, cheese, fruit and an apple arrangement on a pedestal
A lovely, simple wine tasting party.

for a holiday party, love the tray risers filled with apples...
Holiday parties are right around the corner! 
We have done desserts in champagne flutes and other decorative glasses like these several times and they are always a hit.  Don't miss the great risers too.

individual caesar salad serving
I'm a big fan of the versatile mint julep cup but this idea was new to me!

wine tasting tablescape

Fall arrangement in a dough bowl
Now that is an amazing use of a dough bowl!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Robotic Dining Room

My son looooooves building robots, so we have a lot of them in our life right now - in the car, in his room, in the bathroom...basically everywhere.  The other day I asked him to move a whole army of robots off of our stairs and find a place elsewhere in the house so that we didn't keep tripping on them on the stairs.  Look where they ended up!  All the way around the dining room.  I couldn't have decorated it better myself.  :)

I've been meaning to post about that art for a while now but haven't gotten organized.  They are all photographs that I took during our European travels, but modified with photo editing tools for all kinds of cool interpretations...impressionist, etc. similar to what I posted here.

He's even got one incognito behind the curtain, guarding the french doors leading to the deck - very thorough!  
The vessel is from a flea market in Munich and the branches are from our back yard.

My husband and I bought these sepia photographs at an art festival on the bridge shown on the left in Prague in 2001.  I love them as much today as they first day we laid eyes on them.
They are moody, sultry, beautiful, mysterious - just like Prague!
(I guess the robots like them too and don't want anyone taking them)

They say that love makes a home...or, in this case, a love of robots.  :)  

How do your loved ones add to your home decor?

Monday, September 17, 2012

There's A Chill In The Air...

This is my first Fall in Seattle, and so far I am loving it!  Here are a few inspirations to match the changing of the seasons...enjoy!

Love the paper bag idea.


Love those feathers added to this wreath!


ciao! newport beach



slices of tree trunk make fab chargers ... ideal  for a fall bash!

fall decor

“Bountiful Harvest"

We have been lucky to have a long streak of sunshine, but as the calendar flipped over into September, the temps have dropped about ten degrees to add a chill to the mornings and evenings.  
I don't mind - I'm ready to bundle up in scarves and sweaters.  
How about you?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gardens, Patios & More

Hi Everyone!  Hope you're having a great weekend.  We are headed off to a little family reunion on a nearby island - I'm excited to see family and also explore a different corner of the Seattle area.  I love being a tourist in my own city!

We are expecting lovely weekend weather, but I know the Seattle rain is right around the corner.  That has made me want to make sure we soak up every ounce of sunshine while we can!  I'd be happy to spend an afternoon in any of these - see what you think:

Actress Julianne Moore's garden sanctuary in New York.  Photo: Christopher Baker
An urban oasis (Julianne Moore's to be precise)

The loggia at a palatial Italian-style home in Las Vegas by architect William Hablinski and design firm Atelier AM.
Elegant Mediterranean luxury....

Zen-like relaxation.

The terrace of Ralph Lauren chief retail creative officer Alfredo Paredes and writer Brad Goldfarb's Manhattan apartment.  Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna
Ralph Lauren style...

outdoor haven at an Italian villa

A great place for a stroll!  
There is something very peaceful about tiny gravel crunching under one's feet.

enchanting poetic wanderlust- amazing installation
A little gallery walk.  Wow.

Limestone floors extend from the home’s interior
Love that great sculpture and the manicured greenery!


enchanting garden walkway
This brings back great memories of European adventures.

I saved the simplest - and best - for last.  
Mother Nature took care of all the design on this one!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rustic Elegance In Mendoza

Ahh....the travel bug has bitten me again!  I have been telling people for the last several months that after our time in Europe and our wonderful trip to Bali, I am really content to stay home for a while.  Now I wonder if anyone actually believed me!  

I have had my eye on Argentina for a while, but now that I have found this wonderful little oasis in the middle of Argentina's wine country, it's really calling my name.  It's such a lovely mix of a beautiful landscape, a rustic yet elegant retreat and lots of irresistable food and wine.  Take a look at the wonderful Finca Adalgisa with me...

From their website:  
Finca Adalgisa is an early 20th century manor house and vineyard estate in the heart of the premier wine-growing region of Argentina. It is a charming family home converted in 2001 by Gabriela Furlotti,a third generation Argentine-Italian, into the first boutique hotel and finca in Mendoza.

The region is known for its wine and is fast becoming a widely respected (and desired) export! 


Arched windows and a courtyard?  Absolutely. 

I love the rustic throw at the end of the bed, and the carved doors...

A heavenly spot to read a great novel. 

They also offer cooking classes...are those empanadas?  Yum. 

Olive oil is also produced on the property. 
What a great gift to bring home to friends and family. 

I love this picture - wine, candle light and water.  
What more does one need in Argentina?  :)

So now you know what I'll be dreaming about this weekend.
How about you?


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