Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tropical Inspiration

Today I am dreaming off far away tropical beaches and the fantastic interiors that go along with them...the dark woods, white walls, textural fabrics and lush greenery add up to some pretty amazing spaces.

Would you like to come along with me to decorate a beautiful home in paradise?  If so, get your daquiri with the little umbrella ready!

I adore this room with its hints of Spanish, African,
Asian and - of course- tropical elements. 
It's a little bit of a lot of great things!!

Punta Cana Dominican Republic via Enchanted Home

Ballard Designs
These caned stools would work perfectly in a tropics-inspired space...

Lime In The Coconut

Ralph Lauren
Somehow Ralph Lauren can always effortlessly and beautifully combine
All-American with tropical.
via Ashley Rowe Blog

via Lime In The Coconut Blog

Source: via Carlo on Pinterest

What do you think? 
Are you ready to move to the tropics?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Art of Mosaics

Ever since I studied the Romans, I have been fascinated by their mosaics. 
Let's take a look today at a few beautiful examples of mosaics done well - whether it's an actual floor or an arrangement of tiles elsewhere.  I also included some beautiful shots of mosaics around the world just for fun.  Enjoy!

Michael S. Smith
Based on the original concept - what an incredible feel it gives this room!

via Melongings Blog
A beautiful backdrop for this stunning bar.
GlassDecor Three
 This takes swimming laps to a whole new level.

Source: via jill on Pinterest

Francois and Co.

via Luxe and Lilliles Blog

Madeline Stuart
 I about fell over when I saw this table because it's so cool - apparently it was created from an authentic mosaic.  Although I love to look at it, I can't imagine actually being comfortable living with it.   Can you?

via Enchanted Home Blog

Source: via Susana on Pinterest

Francois and Co.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Idea Of Perfection: Master Bedroom

Today I thought I'd share my ideas for my perfect master bedroom, aka a pampering retreat.  With the following elements, I can see myself snuggling up under the covers, reading a great book, with a warm fire and an Oregon rain storm raging cozy!

via Home Bunch
I'd choose a softer waxed tone for the beams to soften it a bit, but overall I love the feel and layout of this beautiful room.  I like it when a bedroom is small enough so that it remains intimate, yet roomy enough for a sitting area...   

QUESTION:  I haven't decided yet what to do about the TV - over the fireplace or not?  We love to watch movies in bed with the kids sometimes, so although it's not exactly kosher we need a TV in the bedroom...:)  
What would you do?

Required:  extra large windows to enjoy the view of all of
those gorgeous Oregon evergreens.

via Love This Life Blog, Gail Plachety
I would choose a couple of down-cushioned beautiful chairs in a gorgeous finish such as these, to flank a roaring fire in the winter and overlook the view in Summer.

An upholstered linen headboard with nailhead in the top left picture, along with any of these bedding combinations!  They have a similar feel, I think, and have a lot of aspects of the neutrals with golds style that I blogged about here.  I love it when I put together my latest faves and they harmonize - that tells me something and makes the decisions easier!

I'd find the perfect spot for this...maybe centered over the headboard.

I'd definitely want non-matching bedside tables:

Noir Furniture

A feminine little piece for me...

Noir Furniture

A masculine version for my husband with lots of storage for
all of his reading materials!
Matthew Studios

A couple of great lamps next to the bedside...

Some beautiful boxes to organize little tid-bits.

via Griege
To finish it off, some beautiful abstract art in soothing colors that
evokes thoughts of the sea...

I think it would work quite well with my idea of perfection in the master bath.

What do you need in your dream master bedroom?
I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, ideas & feedback!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Literally Beautiful

Decorating with books never gets old...there are so many possibilities, and it really expresses the interests of those that live there.  Some beautiful examples:

via Conspicuous Style Blog

Atelier de Campagne vie Eclectic Revisited
 Maureen just posted this picture the other day but I loved it so much I just had to include it.  Head over to her blog if you'd like to see more from this amazing antiques importer!

via Inspiring Interiors

via Design Chic

Kelly Klein's Home

via Scout for the Home

via Canal Blog

 Also, a big Thank You to Maureen at Eclectic Revisited for featuring some vintage books from Linen Haus on her blog yesterday - what an honor!

If you'd like to read more about decorating with books you can look here and here

Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2011


I have been scouring my favorite local flea markets over the last few months, in the hopes of collecting some beautiful hand drawn sketches.  I'd love to use them as a gallery wall, incorporate a few into vignettes or perhaps include some for sale at Linen Haus.   I'm hitting the markets again this weekend - my fingers are crossed for the perfect finds.  :)  Regardless, these pictures are what inspired it all!

Ralph Lauren

This tablescape from Ralph Lauren has all of the elements that I think make great style!

Elsa Soyars

Tom Scheerer

They also look fantastic in a Belgian setting...

OK, I must admit I am re-using this image from my previous post about Gorgeous Gallery Walls, but I think the gilded framing against the black and white sketches is stunning!

Restoration Hardware

Do you like sketches or do you prefer artwork with more color?


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