Monday, February 28, 2011

Madrid Hotels: Great Design Inspiration!

My husband and I are planning a little getaway to Madrid in May.  I love doing the research on hotels because I often find inspirational design along the way. As I said when I wrote about our trip to Istanbul, I look for small, unique, boutique-type hotels that reflect the local flair.  I came across a few today that I thought were really unique.  I have included my top three favorites here...

I'd like to see the frescoes, beautiful floors and cozy spaces at Casa de Madrid Hotel:

I'd like to have some Sangria at the bar and 
sleep in one of the elegant beds at Hotel Hospes:

And enjoy the Spanish sun in the classy
spaces at the Madrid Mirasierra Hotel:

What a fun decision.
Which one is your favorite?

By the way, one of my favorite blogs lately is Hotel Chic
If you want to see more beautiful hotels, head over there for some fantastic virtual travel!
I'll be posting more about Madrid when we return!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Study in Contrasts...

I've always liked aspects of (almost) every type of design, but lately I have been consistently drawn to a very tailored look, primarily made up blacks, whites, shades of neutrals and a LOT of textures and metals.  I am really loving the juxtaposition of shiny chrome with soft fabrics, metallic wallpaper paired with rough woods, leather against textured pillows, grasscloth and driftwood, etc.  Maybe the fact that it mixes a lot of styles makes it so appealing to me.  Ah,'s eclectic, fresh, unique...that's it!

I am not sure if all of these rooms are liveable as they are, but they all have something intriguing that we could carry over.  Is my design style changing?  I don't know yet...but I love these rooms!

Crezana Design
{Thom Filicia via Sketch 42 Blog}


{Griege Blog}

{Griege Blog}

Thomas O'Brien

What do you think of all of these contrasting elements?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colorways: Turquoise

After the overdose of turquoise fashions in the 80's, I couldn't run away from the color fast enough!  However in the last few years it has been feeling so fresh again in fashion and interiors, and I'm really drawn to it.  Here are some of my favorite inpirations in turquoise, aqua, and so on...

{Plantation Home}

This room combines venetian and exotic beautifully...

{Satisfying Spaces Blog}
Those shutters and the beamed ceiling make quite a statment!

The pink contrasts nicely with all of the turquoise accents
and of course I love the zebra ottomans!

This picture has convinved me to use greek key curtains somewhere very soon!
The coral accompanies the look nicely too.

Turquoise grasscloth...I like it.
{House of Turquoise Blog}
The lucite table, art and color really make this traditional home feel young and vibrant.
{Miles Redd}
How cool is that chest??

{House of Turquoise Blog}
That artwork is so unique and memorable!

{House of Turquoise Blog}
A close up of the same room.  Those peonies make me melt. 

{House of Turquoise Blog}
These coral prints would work so well in a sea-inspired bath. 

{House of Turquoise Blog}
I could definitely find a place for that mirror!

The bits of nature are so pretty with the turquoise in both shots.

{Satisfying Spaces Blog}
I love how this room freshens up Belgian with a bit of color
that pairs nicely with all of the neutrals.

The orange and turquoise play so nicely off of each other. 
I included this shot in my post about orange too - you can find it here.

The lamp really makes the room! 
The rug is great too...

I normally wouldn't go for such a bold sofa,
but I really like the shape and color in this room!

{Hillary Thomas}
An entry stands on its own so it lets you try out
one daring statement piece all on its own!

{Tia Zoldan}
Tia Zoldan is one of my favorite designers because of her fresh, accessible style.  
This is her house:  black, white and turquoise - so crisp! 

This mix of fabrics and textures is one of my faves. 
It could work so well with traditional or modern decor but
you could also use it with Ethnic, Spanish or even African looks.

Which one of these is your favorite??


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