I believe that your home should speak to you and about you, where you’ve been and where you’re going.  A home ought to be filled with colors, textures and objects that are meaningful to you.  Every time you walk in, you should feel content and inspired, providing an oasis that feeds your soul.

I am inspired by artisans from around the world, cultural experiences near and far, history and nature...all of which influence my designs.

In addition to a full service design firm, I own an online boutique filled with special items hand picked by me in antiques markets throughout Europe and write a design blog that provides daily design inspiration to thousands of readers worldwide.

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H.R. Coffee said...

I love the idea of an outdoor mirror! I'm looking for an outdoor sunburst mirror. There's lots available for indoor but I'm having difficulty finding one that is suitable to be outside. Any ideas where I can find one?


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