Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Serenity In The Garden

I don't know what's up with me lately...I am drawn more and more often to outdoor designs rather than interiors...I don't recognize myself!  I promise this blog won't turn into a gardening blog (no one would want that :)), but I do love a beautiful exterior as much as a beautiful interior....just not the maintenance!  So put practicality aside and dream with me...

 Wouldn't this be a heavenly place to spend an afternoon?

I love the Scandinavian slant to this little space, but could easily see this as a view of Puget Sound...serenity at its best!

Mark D. Sikes: Chic People, Glamorous Places, Stylish Things

 And bringing a bit of the garden inside is always beautiful...

Oh agaves

simple effective fountain

Simple and beautiful!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Luxury In The Bath...

Here are a few bathrooms that I think are just lovely!  Enjoy!

Beautifully separated bath
I love the idea of a separated (ahem) toilet, but this one strikes the perfect balance in my book, letting in light and adding style.  
Don't miss that great (Hungarian?) sign above it, too.  I wonder if it's the real thing from their famous bath houses...  I didn't do that when we were in Hungary but I'm so glad I did in Munich and Istanbul!  Don't miss it if you get the chance.

Onyx slab as art. Denver bath by Robyn Scott and 186 Lighting Design Group.
Bringing onyx to the bath as a form of art - wow!

powder room by mcalpine booth & ferrier
Modern lines, with great zen like detail in that lacquered table and the built in faucets.
I'm really digging those lights too.

What a luxury to have enough privacy so that you can have a big window overlooking green space like that!
And do I spy, with my little eye, a petrified stool?????  Is everyone copying me??  :)

Unique, eh?

modern bathroom by Witt Construction
What a cool surprise for your guests to have this as the pedestal for that amazing sink!

white * Bath bath
Loving the clean, fresh feeling in this bath!

Bath - Bath, Somerset
Let's not forget the original luxurious bath - in Bath, England - we have the Romans to thank for that "design".  It's a fantastic destination even without the actual bath!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


All of these spaces - indoors and out - have a touch of green for fresh energy.  Take a look!

{ green green green }

Pinned Image

Green, green, green
Decor by Mother Nature (almost).


sophisticated beach house guest bedroom | via House Beautiful.

green green green


living room

A vibrant green desk adds a pop of color to this office. Tour the rest of this home: www.bhg.com/decorating/makeovers/before-and-after/a-neutral-decorating-makeover/?socsrc=bhgpin071912greendesk

living room

living room
An interesting room, no?

Coastal Living

via Gallery No. 8

Have I ever shown you guys my antique French fermenting bottle?  I found it at my favorite antiques market in Munich one morning and I LOVE it.  It's sitting in my kitchen window now next to all of my herbs.

Teatro Verdi

via Little Things Blog

via Enchanted Home Blog

via M&H Home
Caldwell Flake

very calming...room! Lovely

If you'd like to see more rooms with a touch of green, you can view my "Green Energy" post here.
What do you think of green accents -- or more -- in a room?

Sources, unless otherwise noted, can be found here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Who Needs Amsterdam...

...when we have the beautiful Pike Place Market flowers right here in our back yard?  I snapped a few shots recently while at the market.  And, lucky for me, the visitors that we took there to see the market on this particular day kindly treated me to a beautiful bouquet!

Don't get me wrong - my trip to Amsterdam just over a year ago was fabulous, especially the flowers, but I am so very grateful to have all of this beauty nearby!  

What is your favorite spot to get beautiful flowers?  
A special market or in your own backyard perhaps?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

(More) Beautiful Hallways

I have more added to my collection of beautiful hallways...I posted once before about them here.  

Gwen Driscoll Designs...lantern
I guess this could qualify as a foyer too but either way it looks great!


Not fully decorated yet (I think) but great beginnings!

Library hallway

storage [betsy burnham]

beautiful space

Betsy Burnham

LOVE that art and the soft colors...





How do you like to dress up a passthrough space?


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