Friday, May 17, 2013

Design Detail: Shelving

A client project will usually include some type of need for shelving - whether it be for practical storage or beautiful display, but of course as a designer my goal is to provide both!  Here are a few gorgeous examples of where shelving can be put to great use without sacrificing an ounce of style:

How adorable for a girl's room...

I love to fill up a small pass-through space with something like this!

An added detail that introduces great depth.

I blogged about these before...I just love this floor to ceiling design with the great hardware.
I'm hoping a new construction or remodel client will want to do this very soon!

Probably my all time favorite bookshelf - for an office or living room.  
Although built ins are great, the versatility that free standing shelving has is tempting for any client who wants flexibility in their designs.

I love that these shelves are only filled with BOOKS.

Great detailing along the top.

A fresh take on the back of the shelf: reclaimed wood provides great texture and age.

A beautiful option for a dining room!

I hope you enjoyed this post.
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carolyn bradford said...

Such a great post Barbara and fabulous pictures! We recently had all of our shelves in our pantry collapse so we've just re-done them…it's a big walk in pantry and now it might just be my new favorite room! LOL! I think it's the new paint smell! Anyway, I'm planning a post on it so this was even more inspirational to me! Hope you are doing well!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Such a beautiful post, Barbara! I have to have the rug in the second image! I love bookshelves!


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