Monday, July 8, 2013

Recent Pins

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a fabulous Fourth of July and a long weekend to go with it!  We were up in gorgeous Vancouver and had a wonderful time.  I thought I'd share a few images that I have pinned lately...  Enjoy!

I was drawn in by the subtle Spanish/modern feel of this room.

A gorgeous bolster can provide the perfect polish to a bed, bench or sofa...

That velvet sofa is just yummy!

I haven't seen something like this before - they are made of metal!

What a fun spot to curl up!

The mirrors, the chairs, that accent table - great stuff.


Robyn said...

Good Monday morning, Barbara!
I pinned that beautiful daybed from your blog as well. Stunning.

Glad to hear you had fun in beautiful Vancouver.

The enchanted home said...

Oh that green velvet sofa is so luscious..... makes me want to curl up on it for a long siesta!

I Dream Of said...

Lovely, Barbara. That daybed is gorgeous. Hope you had a fantastic time in Vancouver. What a great city, isn't it? Enjoy the sunshine this week! XO

michele said...

love those ferns above the sofa!



Unknown said...

I just had to pin some of these! And yes, that velvet sofa is truly yummy!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

As always, gorgeous, Barbara! I love the green and the yellow!
Happy Tuesday.

Splendid Willow said...

I will be fighting with Michele over those old Fern prints!

Love Vancouver! Coffee soon?

Stay cool!

ox, Mon

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