Thursday, May 5, 2011

La Baracca

Recently my husband took us to a new Italian restaurant that just opened up in Munich:  La Baracca.  The food and service were great...but what I really found fascinating was the design.  Big surprise, right?  I loved the juxtaposition of modern and rustic and all of the cozy little spots throughout the rather large space.  Take a look and see what you think:

Notice the beautiful floors, reclaimed wood ceilings, the chandelier and mix of chairs...

The Bar - very comfy yet urban chic.

I loved this.  You can choose which wine, ranging from reasonably-priced to
astronomically-priced, as well as if you want a taste, half glass or full glass. 
It was a fun way to experiment and I found some awesome wines along the way.

The waiting area with a very cool, casual pile of firewood.
A bit of worldly/ethnic design - always a good thing in my book.

Inside this little area, decorated with typical Italian foods,  
they prepare all of the small plates.
The seating areas are broken down into sections and all decorated differently - this one with old doors as a divider and bookshelves for a cozy feel.


And lastly, the food itself!  They use beautiful, yet casual, presentation.



The enchanted home said...

That is my kind of restaurant!! I wish we had something like that near me......thats how I like to eat, casual but beauitful, great decor, great food, welcoming...just beautiful!

designchic said...

What a beautiful restaurant. Love the casual, rustic feel, and I have to say, if my waiting area looked like this, I wouldn't mind waiting at all!!

quintessence said...

Oh how FABULOUS!! I just love the beautiful eclectic mix - would be a great place to have a party!!

Anonymous said...

love all the texture and architectural elements in the design of this amazing restaurant...
good to hear you had a great dinner too!!!

Luciane at said...

This is my very first time here and I'm loving your posts!

Italian food is my favorite! This place is stunning.

Have a blessed day!


Luciane at

Hotel Chic said...

I want to be there! In my travel file for sure.


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