Monday, May 9, 2011

Shopping in Amsterdam

For my last post about Amsterdam, I thought you might like to hear about the shopping exploits.  :)  Below are some pictures from the great places my friend and I explored, as well as my finds!  I didn't luck out on home design products, but did have some fun with a few fashionable items.  Maybe I was inspired by all of the fashionable people around us!

If you want to read more about  my trip to Amsterdam, you can click  here and here.

Such a quaint shop in Haarlem, where we took a day trip.
Great art was on display at this outdoor market on Sunday morning...

I brought these home for my beer-loving husband. Since it was a souvenir I chose the most typical Dutch symbols, but Heineken has TONS of varieties of these fun labels to choose from - from fireworks to tulips to graduation caps. You can also personalize the label with anything you want. Unfortunately they only ship within Holland. :(

A great flea market that mixed antiques, hand made new products and ethnic textiles. 
It was such an interesting mix with something new around every corner.

I bought two beautiful scarves from one vendor at that market,
and these cool bracelets from another. 
The woman was so friendly and helpful that we were tempted to buy much more!

An upscale boutique housewares store - a very Dutch feel to the designs, combined with the Indonesian influence from their colonial days.
I loved that elegant, yet ethnic, combination!

That cabinet looked almost Swedish-influenced...makes sense considering where we were on the map.  I love it when history, design and geography collide.  :)

I also pondered buying these colorful, funky bracelets...

 Another great shop with lots of natural elements -
so many similarities with Belgian Design.



We also stumbled upon these Italian handbags on our very first morning out, at a market that was set up for Queen's Day.  I had been in dire need of a new one and loved these so much I bought two!  The first one is camel and the second is more of a gray/green but you get the idea.  My friend also bought a very cute smaller burnt orange bag.  We had good luck at that stand!  I know, we cheated since these are Italian, but every girl knows when you find a great bag, anything goes.  :)

I also fell in love with Rituals, a Dutch product. 
They featured the products at our charming little hotel.
"Under a Fig Tree" was my favorite scent - it's really amazing.

This was a very fun boutique that combined cute,
trendy - but expensive - fashions with colorful housewares.

I hope you enjoyed the highlights of Amsterdam. 
Next up:  Madrid!


designchic said...

Looks like great shopping...adore the handbags!!

Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

I completely forgot about the fantastic shopping in Amsterdam! I spent a good couple of hours (and many Euros) in that flea market! I remember that we had a lot of troubling fitting everything in our suitcases!

design elements said...

looks wondeful for shopping. I don't know why (there is no reason when I see the images) but it reminds me of A. Vervoordt although not Belgium but Amsterdam :-)... thanks for your lovely comments. warm greetings

Mona thompson said...

Wish I could have been with you. Looks like a fabulous time and great shopping as well. Mona

Anonymous said...

love the handbags...would love to have gone shopping in Amsterdam with you!!!!


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