Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Danish Design: KML Design and More

Here are a few more images of some beautifully designed rooms in Denmark - most notably by KML Design. Somehow the Danes manage to strike the right balance between boho chic, modern and elegant gracefully!   I'm impressed...  I don't know if any of these are exactly my style, but I love seeing the different perspectives on design that they bring for a refreshing change.  Take a look:

kml design
The gallery wall is so amazing...especially set against that mossy gray color!

KML Design
Of course the beams in the kitchen are eye catching, but I think what makes the kitchen are those unexpected chairs.  I have also seen these in other designs - I saw them work beautifully in a Belgian kitchen - and they are surprisingly versatile.

Best Home News

Design Scandinavia
There is a ton of energy in this kitchen!

Rum Interior Design
Worthy of Elle Decor, if you asked me...

Rum Interior Design
See what I mean about boho chic?  Very cool.

KML Design

Don't miss that walk-in wine fridge! 


The enchanted home said...

Understated and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like the clean lines and of course the gallery wall..again, the prints are so well placed keeping everything clean and uncluttered...
the boho chic is also clean..and we know how that look can get messy so fast...but the rooms all have a gorgeous fresh the organic feel to the Best Homes News pic of the table top the pieces..
beautiful images...

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I do love all the rooms but I think I'm most madly in love with the walk in wine fridge. How amazing is that??

annechovie said...

Great interiors, Barbara! Thanks for sharing.

mary said...

I think that those chairs are Hans Wegner wishbone chairs--really desirable right now. I love the moss/gray wall; it is really hard to arrive at a color so dense and alive as that one. Thanks. Mary

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Love the simplicity of these. Got your E-mail. Just been real busy. I will definitely get back with you. Mona

designchic said...

So pretty...simple and relaxed ~

Splendid Willow said...

Barbara - did you write this post for me?! (: Love so many of the images. Need to find the room with the gray sofa. Looks wonderful!

Warm hugs and happy weekend!


P.S No, I have not forgotten about including you in my 2 cents series. You will be drafted!


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