Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every time I see a house with something beautiful growing along the walls of it - usually a beautifuly ivy that changes with the seasons - I have to stop and look. 

Sunset Magazine

This is my inspiration photo from many years ago, when I knew then that
I MUST have ivy on a home someday...I'm still waiting, but soon. :)
 In the meantime, I have gathered lots of great photos along those lines. 
Here are a few of my favorites:

Photo by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler

I took this picture while vacationing in the south of France last year.  I was driving by and had to go back and study the house's design as well as snap a picture. 
Luckily the dog didn't notice me or the owners might have wondered what I was up to!

The Grand French Manor version...

The English Country Estate version...

John Saladino
I think this entry would look a bit harsh without the greenery - but with the green,
it blends feminine and masculine beautifully... 

A lovely family home, made even loveliver by the trailing vines.

I love how the creeping vines (maybe wisteria?) on this house provides a
green canopy for the lower level windows.

via Heidi Claire Blog

The fireplace, the ivy, the lantern....ahhhh.

 Does trailing ivy evoke that type of emotion for you, too?


quintessence said...

We have ivy on our house. Of course it's not anywhere as grand as these - we have an expanded cape. But ivy is virulent - as lovely as it looks it constantly has to be cut back. Ours is currently growing into the living room through the window frame!!

Anonymous said...

Ivy is so beautiful growing on the side of a stately old home..and like Q said above, it can be a nuisance can destroy the mortar in between the bricks...but maintenance is the's too lovely to live all your examples photos...beautiful...

Heidi said...

I can never have too much ivy. Theses are all so awesome. Love love love them. Have a great day. Heidi

Linda in AZ * said...

*** BJD~ "CLIMBING-IVY" lover? MOI??????

All look sooooo lovely, and fit in so well with their particular homes, buuuut, the LAST TWO photos really FLOAT MY BOAT!!! Just wonderfully natural and inviting...

So, I thank you for the pleasant photos today!!!

Linda in AZ *

Stacy CUrran said...

Those are so gorgeous! I have some ivy (the weedy kind) trying to grow up my gutters right now, but it looks messy and untamed. Maybe because the ivy looks best on stone and not so great on the New England siding!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Me too! I just love it. We have ivy on this house for the first time ever, and I just love it. These are all just gorgeous examples. Mona

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

It truly is beautiful and can make a home look so established and stately. However, we had ivy growing on our garage when we moved in, and our real estate agent and the home inpspector warned us that it could cause damage so we removed it. I miss it though, as the wall it was covering is so ugly!


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