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Design In Five: Simply Fabulous Chic

Today I'm excited to bring you the first guest post for my new series Design In Five!  Inge from Simply Fabulous Chic is a new blogging friend from Belgium.  I love hearing her perspective on things, since she has great taste and is living in such a beautiful country known for its excellent craftsmanship and elegant interiors.  She is a warm, wonderful blogger, so if you don't already know her and her blog be sure to check it out!  Without further ado I'll hand it off to Inge...   
Hello everyone!
I’m Inge, the owner of the blog Simply Fabulous Chic and I just got invited by Barbara to be guest posting for the Design in Five-series. So sweet she also thought of me! I love her blog, and I love how she always inspires others through her own blog, so it’s an honour to write something down for her.
It was hard to narrow my favourite decorative items to 5, but here it goes!
There’s something about books that gives a home character. In my own house there’s not much space to have a whole bookcase stacked with books, but you’ll always find a book or two laying around on our coffee table.

{Image via Pinterest}
You can use them in so many ways.
{Image via Pinterest}
Stack your alltime favourite books next to a chair, lay some on a coffee table or a sidetable as inspiration and decorationPut them in a nice library. The choices are endless!
{Image via Pinterest}
Since I’m a pathological picture taker AND my own home is stacked full of pictures, I’d say use your favourite pictures and turn them into framed art.
The one thing I love the most is a hallwaywhich is the first thing visitors see of your house – full of pictures. It’s inviting and welcoming, and I always love to look at pictures from someone else. I know, don’t tell me. I’m too curious sometimes! ;-)
Getting natural light into your rooms is one thing, incorporating artifical light in your rooms is another! It’s important you get the right ambiance you want in a room. You need direct lighting, but to make it more cosy, indirect lighting is the key.
{Image via Pinterest}
Now with winter coming up, it’s getting dark early. So put on some table lamps, floor lamps and other cute little lamps. It instantly gives your room the cosy feeling you’re looking for!
I love to have my floor lamp behind my sofa and a little table lamp on my butler tray switched on when I’m watching TV. The light is softer and not so hard for your eyes. I love it!
And as you can see, if you’re really handy you can also make something special out of your ordinary lamps!
{Image via Thrifty Decor Chick}
Letters & monograms
I’m hooked on letters lately! It’s such an easy way to spruce up a boring corner in your house.
{Image via Pinterest}
And I think letters in our homes are cute. The possibilities are endless: you can build sentences, make words, frame them, hang or put them on a shelf. It’s a great and cheap way to decorate your walls!
{Image via Pinterest}
You can also make your own art with letters!
{Image via Pinterest}
Ah candles! Another one of my favourite items! Light them and there’s an instant romantic atmosphere

{Image via Pinterest}
Especially in wintertime you sometimes just want to snuggle up under a blanket in your sofa, surrounded by lots of candles with a good book and a hot cup of coco! At least I do.
So it’s no wonder why I love Christmas so much! :-)
{Image via Pinterest}
{Image via Design Sponge}
Anyway, these were my 5 favourite items to decorate your home in a cheap and easy way. I hope this post will inspire you and brighten your day!
Inge x

Such great ideas that are affordable but also add so much charm! 
Thank you Inge for participating!


Inge said...

Hi Barbara!
Thanks again for thinking of me as the first guest blogger, it was so nice to be guest posting on your blog! :-)

Just a little question... I can only see one picture, the rest is blank. Or maybe it's because of the computer problems at work?

Anyway, I hope you get a lot of readers today! :-)
Love, Inge x

Anonymous said...

oh, I love books and letters and monograms too as well as pictures on walls and fragrant candles...so many lovely ideas and options to making a house a home...

I Dream Of said...

So many wonderful ideas. Thanks for introducing us to Inge. Love her eye for beautiful things!

Stacy CUrran said...

I love this series and am going to visit Inge now!

designchic said...

So many wonderful design elements...can't wait to visit her blog!!

Thoughts on Design said...

Sally and I are big book,candle and picture lovers! I had trouble viewing some of the images, too. Maybe they need to be re-inserted?
the few images I could see were gorgeous and inspiring! I'm off to visit yoru blog, Inge.



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