Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today I'm Loving...

...this very random collection of products!  Please bear with me - I always claimed to have eclectic taste.  :)  I hope you find something that you like, too:

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via Things that Inspire Blog

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Neiman Marcus
This beautiful piece is perfect for a foyer...

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via Haus and Home Blog
Look closely - this art is made completely out of maps! 
Sue Fisher King SF
A great Christmas present, no?
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So sweet!  I love bees on tabletop decor for some reason...
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Aero Studios

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Fun and playful for a terrace.

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Noir furniture LA
I'd love to use a pair of these in a den, bachelor pad or office.

Venetia Studium Scheherazade 2-Tier
Sue Fisher King
A Fortuny-style lamp - a true luxury would be to have one of these hanging in my expansive dressing room - with the wardrobe to match, of course.  :)

Did you find anything that you love too?


Acquired Objects said...

I'll take the dresser/buffet for the foyer please and two of the chandeliers from Griege. All wonderful choices Barbara and if I had somewhere to place a Fortuny light fixture it too would be here. Enjoy your weekend!

The enchanted home said...

All lovely but like Debra my favorite is the dresser, what a great piece for a hallway or foyer. Stunning! Hope you have a wonderful day Barbara....

An Urban Cottage said...

Noir Furniture has some amazing things. I believe the Moravian Star has German roots, no?

Inge said...

I like the bees in the cups & the fun glasses! Oh and the lamp is very chic too, would use such lamp in the hallway. Would look great! :-)
Hope you're having a relaxing weekend,
Inge x

Anonymous said...

lovely and eclectic collection of the "star" light fixture in the first image...very fun..the map wave art is fantastic!! the drum shade light fixture is sweet are the always find some of the most unique and gorgeous decor accents and rooms..

The Vintique Object said...

The Moravian star is one of my absolute favorite light fixtures. I just got one for my kitchen, but haven't put it up yet.
Love, love, love that leather chair. It is sumptuous!

Victoria said...

The Moravian star is a cloassic. I love it, but I'll take the Fortuny chandelier, please. I have a pair of Fortuny sconces and the fabric is beautiful.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So many lovely things. My favorite is the dresser and the picture made out of maps. That is incredible. I would of never seen that if you did not mention it.

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

My favourites are the artwork made out of maps - amazing - and the glasses that look like squashed plastic cups - I want some - such fun! x Sharon

Thoughts on Design said...

I was just thinking of the Moravian star as a replacement option for the small chandelier in our front foyer. The Noir chair is SO retro/modern. Sweet!!!


Pure Living* Interiors said...

I love the Fortuny-style lamp, too! It's one of pieces of my long-term wishlist ;)

Have a lovely sunday!

quintessence said...

All lovely and that map art is amazing! The Noir chairs are perfect as you described - very mad men!!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Different for me but I'm loving the leather sling chair. Great round up. XO, Mona

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Oooh love those little bowls with the bees near the rim! So adorable!


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