Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

I think it's safe to say anyone in the nothern  hemisphere is getting more motivated to be outside in soothing, natural surroundings.  The weather is improving here in Seattle (on average) and Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner so that is certainly happening here in the NW.  Those of you that have been following my blog for a long time might remember my series from last Spring called Fresh Air.  I have found more beautiful inspirations since that time, so here is the latest installment! 

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This is apparently called a "Thunder House" to escape a downpour.  Love that!

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This reminds me of our outdoor shower in Bali - heaven!

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I really like the natural simplicity in this space.

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Taupe paint on stone, black metal accents and trailing vines?  I'm done.

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Now stop reading my blog and go outside!  :)


The enchanted home said...

LOVE them all! That first one always takes my breath away..but the outdoor shower, the last picture and the one with the cushioned benches gives it a run for its money! Love how outdoors spaces have become as big as what goes on indoors! Have a great day Barbara....

Acquired Objects said...

All wonderful spaces I would love too relax in this weekend. That first space is to die for! Great choices Barbara!


Pure Living* Interiors said...

Amazing finds, Barbara!
Oh yes, the outdoor shower reminds on my last trip to Bali years ago, too. The weather is here in Germany is very fine right now - early summer. I love spending much time outside and a lovely places, like the ones, you showed, are always great spaces to relax and enjoy the warmer days of the year.
Lysann x

designchic said...

These images are all so gorgeous, but the "thunder house" is my absolute favorite...using it in a post later this week. Heading outside after this inspiration, Barbara!!

Splendid Sass said...

This spaces are amazing. I don't know where you find these gorgeous images. I am drooling over the first and fourth images.
Happy Wednesday.

The Buzz Blog said...

Gladly... if only it would stop raining! It feels like Seattle around here. Hope the sun shines for our visit!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

What?! You don't have a Thunder House, Barbara? :)

I LOVE THE POOL! And the rest are beautiful too!

Victoria said...

I think I need a Thunder House.

Leslie said...

I think all homes here in the Pacific Northwest should have a Thunder House!

Barbara, beautiful spaces here. I like the taupe paint on stone and black metal accent pieces. Trying to find the perfect containers is a challenge. Those are gorgeous!


Leslie said...

... and a heating lamp.. :)

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

The weather has even improved in London so this post came at the right time! Now all I need is a 'thunderhouse' and my life is complete :)

I Dream Of said...

Lovely, Barbara! And the SUN - it's out! I'm so happy. I hope you get plenty of it this holiday weekend. And with that, I'm going to go outside and smell the roses. XO

Unknown said...

What gorgeous spaces. Having "hated" my back patio/yard pre-renovation, I so appreciate these serene spaces.

Wish I could meet up with you at that last shot!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Taylor Greenwalt said...

wish i had plans for being out side this weekend. I am painting chairs. Let you know how they come out.I love that last image.

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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