Thursday, June 28, 2012

High Energy Rooms

All of these rooms have a jolt of color - not usually my thing as I'm sure you've noticed by my love of neutral rooms - but I am really loving the vibe they give off.  And as you'll see, in most cases it's still a neutral room with accent pieces in a vibrant color.  Maybe it's because it's Summer - not sure - but I love them!

photo 2-3

lamps | orange tufted sofa | ottoman | windows
How many of you would have the guts to buy an orange couch?  Not me, but it does look amazing!  The moroccan accents and tufting help it stay away from looking too childish...and let's get real:  those incredible windows can pull off just about anything.

painted cabinet interior
Doing this is to an old hutch we have is on my summer to-do list - seems much less intimidating than wallpapering the inside!

There's a lot going on in this room but I think those chairs are pretty amazing.

green + black


Dan Marty Design.
Yes, this is a store, but there are still great ideas to study...

Love the spots of color!
Every time I see a surfboard in a room it makes me smile.

love the yellow chairs!
I'd like to see a vase overflowing with sunflowers on this table.

10 Rooms: color

Cozy corner with classic element

ottoman | coral

A pop of coral color and a bold graphic rug bring a fresh contemporary feel to this room.

pops of pink 💗

Lovely room

Loving these minty chairs, unexpected and welcoming!
Euro-loft - how cool.

love the green chairs too!
Another version...a contrast of modern and rustic - always refreshing!

Thomas O'Brien ... greek key detail

sweedish shabby chic | in love with blue chest

So what do you think?  Do you feel more energized or exhausted by color?  :)


Haus and Home said...

I LOVE the green and black dining room and the coral and white seating area! Definitely pinned a few of these!

Splendid Sass said...

I am in love with the yellow sofa (or chair) and the hydrangeas behind it.
These are all beautiful, and pack so much color with overpowering!
As always, gorgeous, Barbara.
Happy Thursday.

carolyn bradford said...

See…I'm like you and I love neutral at home but when I see these pops of color I just fall in love all over again! I guess I should try more of this at home as well! What is the name of the shop you showed? It looks great as well! Thanks for sharing!

Acquired Objects said...

I love pops of color in a room and I know I would never have the guts to buy an orange sofa even though orange is my favorite color.


Splendid Willow said...

Barbara, I am doing the same with clothes right now! The long dress I was wearing yesterday had more pink and orange and purple than I would normally dare to wear! We are talking very summer bohemian!

How about an outing tomorrow night? I think Marianne can too!

Hugs to you,


Stacy CUrran said...

Love everything. I could never buy those lime green dining chairs, but I sure want them when looking at that photo!

Thoughts on Design said...

Sally and I are with you. Neutral room, use accents to bring life and energy to the space - to entice you into and explore the room.


Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I've fallen in love with pinks and oranges paired with neutrals. Great images. Hope you are enjoying your Summer. Mona

paula said...

The color and texture of the picture pleases me to no end. I really love the first photo and I think this design is fit for my new condo in philippines. :)


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