Monday, June 11, 2012

Petrified (in a good way)

When we were in Bali a few months ago my husband and I were drawn to the petrified wood products, imported from the neighboring island of Sumatra.  We browsed various open air galleries of products and decided on a petrified wood stool.  We found one that we loved, bought it, and were on our way.  When we went back the day before we flew home to arrange delivery, we found out it had been sold to someone else!  That brought on another search (no pressure there) and also brought on close to heat stroke for me.  Alas, it was worth it in the end.  :)

Here is a picture we took in Bali (keep in mind that was back in early February) so that we could remember what it looked like!  

After jumping through many hoops with customs, it has arrived as of yesterday, and I love it!  It's a great souvenir for someone who loves design.  :)  Below is a picture of it in our living room, which right now is decorated with fresh, beach-inspired accents and colors.  Those will change when Fall arrives but the stool isn't going *anywhere* - it weighs about 450 pounds!

Here are a few other petrified wood products that I think are beautiful and, dare I say, even a bit sexy?!?  See what you think:

Petrified wood trivet
Such a cool serving tray!

petrified wood bookends
Of course these  have been around a while, but I still love my set.

petrified wood magnets
Magnets - they would really glam up the fridge.

petrified wood sink
If we had been coming back to Seattle to build, I would have bought one of these for the powder room for sure.  What a statement piece!

Petrified Wood Sphere
A sphere - what a fantastic addition to a vignette.

Petrified Wood
More stools in a rougher, natural state on the outside.

petrified wood table
I'm not crazy about the whole set but we did consider a table like this - to be used as a unique bench.

Petrified wood
I can't even imagine how much this would cost but it would make an amazing bar back splash, don't you think?

Petrified Wood Coaster
Masculine, timeless, beautiful coasters.

petrified wood ring
I'm really diggin' this ring!  Wow.  Talk about a statement cocktail ring!

I did another post on my love for petrified wood-like countertops a while ago - you can find it here.



Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I love your side table. It has such an earthy, organic feel to it and can be used with almost any decor style. x Sharon

Splendid Sass said...

Barbara, I love your stool. It is not only unique, it looks amazing with your other decor.
Thank you for sharing this with use. Amazing what time can do.
Happy Tuesday.

Haus and Home said...

Beautiful! It looks great in your house! You are so dedicated for bringing back such a heavy item! Love your lamps and coral :)

Unknown said...

Love this. What a fabulous material and the colors of your piece are incredible. The heat stroke was worth it.

I Dream Of said...

Oh I love it! What a beautiful piece, and such a perfect memory of your trip to live with. House looks fantastic, too. Love the peek! XO

Acquired Objects said...

Your side table is wonderful Barbara and I can imagine how heavy it is. I found some petrified wood in Arizona once and it weighed a ton.


cindy hattersley design said...

I love that side table! The coloration is so unique...I am not surprised have such a great eye!!

Leslie said...

Oh! Love that serving tray!


What a wonderful souvenir and conversation piece. It looks perfect in your family room! You will need to have some Sumatra coffee while relaxing on the couch :)

Such a heavy side table! I imagine it won't get relocated too often :)


Victoria said...

I love the petrified wood stool in your living room. The other items are beautiful too, especially the cheese tray.

Unknown said...

I really haven't thought about petrified wood until I saw your post! It really is amazing, and I love it.

Unknown said...

What an amazing remembrance of your trip to Bali. It's gorgeous!!! The perfect side table.

I've never seen those magnets before. I'm thinking those would be amazing on my magnetic board that sits right behind my computer.

Now, I'm a good way! :)
xoxo Elizabeth

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Barbara, I love it! It makes a great side table. It looks great nest to your sofa,

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Oh you lucky woman. What a beautiful find!! My father in law gave us a piece of petrified wood years ago and we still use it to decorate.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Hi Barbara,
Your living room is wonderful! Love all the paned windows! And of course, the table is stunning! I've never thought about petrified wood since its illegal to use here in the states, but your table is perfect!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

By the way, I think the one you ended up with is prettier than the origina. :)

Urban Orchard Interiors said...

The stool is gorgeous! And I have completely fallen in love with that sink. Breathtaking! What a beautiful material. So glad your stool arrived and in one one piece!


Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

It looks like it was made for your living room! I might just have to find some petrified wood for my living room! Trip to Bali maybe? :)

Marianne said...

Your side table is fabulous! Wish I had one for my own house! May have to settle for some of the other small items you featured today. xo

debra @ 5th and state said...

i have seen and purchased a few petrified stools/cocktail size tables at antique markets, but yours barbara is great; form and color!
thank you for sharing!

michele said...

s to the exy, for sure, b.

i love the piece that found its way to you!



Slim Paley said...

Love these stools- very loving petrified wood at the moment! (Maybe it's my age :) )

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, would mind to share which shop u went to in Bali? Did they arrange the delivery for u? I'm going there soon, would love to go take a look. Thanks! Amelia.


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