Thursday, December 13, 2012

Venice Highlights

Today's post is the last about our trip to Venice last month, with just a few more things that I thought were worth sharing.  I hope you enjoy them!

My husband and I have been joking that now that we live in Seattle, we have to get a boat (we aren't really boat people).  I think I could be convince to have one of these though!  I fell in love with the gorgeous wood, sleek lines and elegant design...  I was dreaming that my boat like this would - of course- be stocked with fine Italian wines, cheeses, etc. to complete the experience!

We are also huge fans of Italy's Moretti beer, so this sign caught our eye. :)

Notice the gorgeous weather we had - a delightful surprise for late November.  
That didn't hurt a bit in making our experience wonderful.  :)

These creative doorbells caught my eye around town.

Many good meals were enjoyed too!

Have you been to Venice?  If so what was your favorite highlight?


Emily H said...

I noticed this post by way of the hotel photo which showed up on the side of another blog I follow. Did you stay at Al Ponte Antico? I travelled to Venice in March and stayed there (loved every minute). Your photos and postings remind me of our visit...gorgeous weather and very uncrowded. I recall walking back from dinner at a restaurant that overlooks San Marco one evening around midnight...did not see a single person...we felt like we were in a movie. So gorgeous. Thanks for the reminder. You have a beautiful blog. Emily H.

I Dream Of said...

So pretty Barbara, makes me want to hop on a flight for a Venice visit. Gosh, it's hard to come up with a favorite thing. But a memory that sticks out is sitting by one of the smaller canals in the Dorsoduro with paint brushes in hand, watching the way the water danced with light, the sound of boat radios cheerfully chirping away. I can close my eyes and conjure that memory right up. Thanks for bringing it back to me!

veuvemcd said...

Again thank you for these lovely pictures. My favorite memory happened during a trip in late May 12 years ago. Although considered 'touristy', I took a romantic late night Gondola ride with my husband. We were completely alone on the moonlit water that night, gliding smoothly down narrow canals that twisted in and out between magnificence buildings. Soft light from below highlighted the ancient stone walls around us, adding to the air of mystery. Except for distant murmurs coming from unseen rooms, there was complete silence. Then our gondolier started serenading us with this incredible, beautiful aria. All I needed was a velvet cloak and veil...transported back to another time, a romantic tryst with mon amour in mysterious Venezia. I cried because it was so beautiful.

michele said...

ahhhh, take me to trattoria sempione. i've never been, and the locale looks perfect.

how dreamy! thank you for sharing these, beautiful lady.


Mumbai said...

Those pictures make me homesick. Venice is mesmerising at any season. Can name anybody another place which is more charming?

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Barbara, My husband and I were married 25 years ago on the rooftop of the Danieli Hotel. The view was amazing overlooking the Grand Canal. We have returned to Venice a couple of times, the most recent was September 2011. I loved seeing your pictures of my favorite place.

Urban Orchard Interiors said...

Even though it has been almost 14 years since we went to Venice I feel like I am completely transported back there looking at your photos! Just beautiful and I am now living vicariously through you! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy New Year!



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