Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful Budapest Architecture

A couple of summers ago we went to Budapest for a long weekend.  We LOVED it.  It was only five days but it felt like a long trip packed with fun experiences.  Although I love Prague, Budapest has all the charm and energy of Prague without the over polished tourism.  My favorite unexpected part of the trip was how much I enjoyed the architecture.  Here are a few shots that I thought were particularly noteworthy.

This was a building in a gorgeous city park.  That window!

I always fall for a beautiful city balcony...even if
there is a bank on the ground floor.
Stuff like this was everywhere. 
Such a charming little touch while walking down the street.

I loved the grand statue but also all of the extended, hanging signs for various cafes, etc. 
So charming!

This was a lucky shot of the clouds over a turret on the afternoon of an amazing day.  We walked up the old stone walkway that led to the huge castle overlooking the city, following a beautiful market all the way up.  At the top was a medieval festival that was a blast for the kids (and us).  We played with the kids while enjoying a Dreher (Budapest's signature beer) on an extremely hot, but wonderful, day!

If you get the chance to see Budapest, go!

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