Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apothecary Jars

My husband and I have a coin collection from our travels that is fun to look through once in a while.  The kids love them too - they are curious to see the designs of each country and then hear about the adventures for each location.  I thought that it would be neat to display the collection in apothecary jars, so on my trip to the US last year I bought several in different shapes and sizes.  They are safely stored away in the US, awaiting our return.  :)

Since then I have come across a lot of other great images using the jars in a variety of ways.  I love it when I buy something that be re-purposed so the look doesn't go stale.  I am excited to put all of these ideas to use.  The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas: 

Put candies in canisters for a playful kids' (or grown-up!) birthday party.  It also looks great in a range of colors within a hue to match the theme of a wedding, or in black and orange for Halloween, candy canes for Christmas, etc.
You get the idea!

How great it is this?  You could use them in a kitchen to hold pastas or other pantry items.  I love the whole composition actually - open shelving, beautiful vinegars on display - even the cookbook is one of my indulgent cooking faves:  Feast: Food to Celebrate Life

{Pottery Barn}
 This would be fitting for a wine tasting party or an Italian feast
paired with a variety of great wines.

{Martha Stewart}
A chic, simple, natural Fall look.  Not exactly apothecary jars but it could still work!

They look so pretty in a bathroom holding sand and shells, or a nice collection of bath soaps and salts.  I plan to use the soaps that I have collected on my travels through Europe in my canisters, including the ones I wrote about here from Portugal.

{Pottery Barn}
I love to go on forest walks with my kids to see what we can find, so I created something similar to this soothing Fall display with them this year.  It was a great way for us to explore nature, spend time together and bring the “design” home with us.  To glam it up a bit, the kids and I painted some pinecones and sticks with with a bit of matte gold paint.  It looked beautiful October through December!
I thought this was a really beautiful, easy way to smarten up a bath. 
Add an orchid in a pretty pot and some inexpensive glass bottles and you get instant elegance!

{Pottery Barn}
They are great paired with some simpler glass containers to hold holly, ornaments, cranberries, floating candles, pinecones, etc. on a table or mantel. 

And, of course, even empty they look stunning! 

Are there any other great ideas for these beautiful jars out there?

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Ange Harris said...

Hi there my friend..... I must have been looking though your blog one day feelng very inspiried love love loving what you have done!! I had been looking for a little something special for my Isabelle to put her precious collectable sea shells in "keepers" she like to call them. So yes I finally found the perfect keepers jar and old agar perserving jar which she loves and shows everyone who visits. Amelia and Joe now have a keepers jar to for there shells and beach finds which makes a lovely display of glass jars all different shapes and sizes filled with wonderful family memories for admiring and worth keeping!!


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