Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coral Infatuation

I have been drawn to coral as a nice decorative piece for a while now.  When I was in the US over Christmas I lucked out and found some beautiful faux coral mounted on a classic acrylic stand.  I have to admit that it looked a bit odd on its own in the store, but I was confident it would look great in the right setting.  It is now being stored in my Mom's guest bathroom for safekeeping until we return and it looks great!  I think it works just as well in her traditional colonial home as it will in my (future) more modern, eclectic home. 

Here are a few images of this beautiful accent piece that inspired it all:

I love how the red coral plays off the mustard color!

 This would make a great entryway table or in a corner of a living room, or on a landing.

{Nate Berkus}
I love this one because of the tray that I wrote about here but also the juxtaposition of the coral against the silver - so tailored and timeless.

Of course I love this one because I love beach houses!  More on that here.

So what do you think of coral and where do you use it?

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