Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monogram It...

A space always feels more unique and interesting when it is personalized.  Monogramming is a fun, easy way to do that...and can often be a great DIY to something you already have, not to mention a great addition to a simple gift that makes it really special.  Here are a few monogram ideas that I love:

{Habitation Inc on etsy}

{Tobi Fairley}

{Sunny's Paint}

{Emerson Made}

{via Can't Stop Making Things Blog}

{via Eclectic Revisited Blog}

{Elle Deco German Edition}

{Lulu Pom}

{Dabney Lee}

{Leontine Linens}

{via Gramercy Blog}

{Martha Stewart}


{Laura Casey Interiors}

{Luxury Monograms}

{Leta Austin Foster}

{via Gramercy Blog}

{Luxury Monograms}

{via Gramercy Blog}

{Julia B}


I Dream Of said...

I could agree more. Love a monogram -- I even love vintage linens with monograms, whether they happen to be my initials or not. Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday. Lovely to "meet" you!

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I agree Jeanne - so glad you brought that up because I meant to include a picture of my own and forgot! I have some beautiful vintage Art Nouveau tea towels (never used) that I bought at a flea market here...they are so large (and pretty) that I use one as a table runner instead - someone with the initials ENJ who lived about 100 years ago, made me very happy! :)

Anonymous said...

love the linen pillows with monograms...I have several antique linens that were from my former husbands family when they immigrated from Italy 100 years ago..I'm keeping them and will eventually passed them on to my kids when they are established in their homes...beautiful images..

design elements said...

i like the linen pillows with monograms. The 1st image is my fav - simple and lovely! Happy Easter holidays!

Portland Sunshine said...

i love monograms too! Especially the modern versions...I want something fun monogrammed around here..trying to figure out what it will be. I love this post, great ideas, thank you!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Barbara, you have inspired me! Something in my home will definitely bear a monogram soon, just have to figure out what?! I'm thinking sofa pillow.

Happy Easter Barbara!!

xo Linda

The enchanted home said...

So agree..everything looks better (and prettier) with a monogram. Plus it just personalizes it in such a pretty way and its a great way to add your own flavor to the item through the color or style. Love how you can pretty much monogram anything, as you so beautifully demonstrated above!! Beautiful post....

designchic said...

Such a fan of monograms. I adore the pillows on the gramercy blog photo and the leontine linens...always perfection!!

Suzanne said...

I love, love, love monograms. That big grainsack pillow is fabulous. One of these days when I have time (hah, when is that?!) I'm planning to make some ivory linen slipcovers for my dining room chairs and have them custom monogrammed. So glad you stopped by, I'm off to add you to my blogroll as well!


quintessence said...

Just love monograms!! So many fun ones here - especially love the orange of course and also the Leontine and Gramercy examples!

Sandra McFarland said...

Classical monogrammed placemats, in the tradition of English hardboard mats, in the form of everyday elegance


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