Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Terrific Trays

A while back I posted here about my love of trays and all their uses.  Well, I had too many images to share all at once, so here are a few more ideas you might like.  I hope you can get some good ideas out of these choices...I found them all to be good inspiration in one way or another.  Enjoy! 

This could be a really inexpensive, but beautiful, look by simply buying several low-priced trays of the same style and setting them side by side as shown here.  I love this idea as a way to cover a less than beautiful table and change it up regularly.  Since the trays would be inexpensive you could also spray paint them often to change the look...lime green in spring, pink for summer, pumpkin orange in fall, silver or gold at Christmas, and so on.

A great way to organize some pretty things so they look "neat" on a table...and here two are used on top of each other....I wouldn't have thought of that!


Of course this is a whole table but you could re-create this look over a regular table using a great tray with handles...very regal looking!

A bit more rustic...

{via The Zhush Blog}
Love this idea - a personalized tray out of lucite.  Hip!

{via Luxe and Lillies Blog}
These would look particularly nice in a guest bath or men's bath.

The flowers on both of these trays give the arrangements height which I really like.

Great for storage underneath too...maybe for card games or of course remotes, etc.

{David Jiminez}
I love this masculine look.  Only thing I would change is that I would put something a bit more substantial in the bowl:  marbles, collected rocks from a vacation, old keys or something else sentimental.

{Vignette Design Blog}
 A great use for a tray on the table in an unexpected way! 
I just found this blog and she has tons of creative ideas.

{Jolene Ballard}
A great way to organize your desk - I guess this is a bit Kelly Wearstler-ish.

I'd love to hear your favorite image, or how you
use trays in your own designs - let me know!


Anonymous said...

love trays on a dressing table...they are really great just about anywhere as a sort of catch-all and for holding collections of small things...
have been watching for interesting ones to show up when I'm out thrifting but so far I haven't found any that I like...I'll keep looking though.. :)

My Castle in Spain said...

The lucite one has my preference and yes it's true it also reminds of me of Kelly Weastler's colors. I use wooden wine boxes in my bookroom as trays to display my favorite books.
Thank you for your visit and lovely comment :-)

quintessence said...

Totally agree - I LOVE trays. Everything looks better contained. It's amazing how net and collected even a random assortment of things look if they are on a great tray!!

Haus and Home said...

I love trays too, and usually like to give them as a wedding gift since they are so versatile.

I like to have a tray with a candle, nice set of boxed matches, 2 little books, decorative magnifying glass and a little Herend.


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