Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yesterday my husband and I spent some time at the Volksbad ("People's Bath") in an elegant Art Nouveau-style building that was built in 1901 in the center of Munich.  The design was so elegant I thought I'd share it with you all. 

After our great experience at the Turkish Bath that I posted about here, we thought we should give the one in our own backyard a try!  This spa-like setting is definitely more for relaxation, exercise, beauty and pampering, whereas the Turkish Bath combined relaxation with a thorough cleanse.  We loved them both in their own unique way.  

I enjoyed soaking in the waters, surrounded by the beautiful design, and imagining all of the comings and goings of the Munich elite shortly after the turn of the last century.  It must have been quite the place to be seen at the time!

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler

A gorgeous tower...

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Beautiful Art Nouveau design welcomes you at the entrance.

Their outdoor terrace is a great place to enjoy a refreshment after a dip.

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
The lion is the symbol of Bavaria, so you see them everywhere.

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
There were beautiful details set into the stuccoed walls...
a lot of surprises at every turn.

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Here we go...I love that font. 
I had to leave my camera at the door so the indoor shot below is from their website. 

Not bad, eh?  I have been told that the placement of your changing room, which line the pool on both levels, was a reflection of social status.  Sounds about right given these surroundings and the people who would have frequented it at the time.

I hope you enjoyed the swim!


annechovie said...

Thank you for the tour of this place, Barbara! What beautiful architecture. xx

Anonymous said...

what a fun nice that you are incorporating all these unique experiences into your stay abroad...beautiful images and what stunning architecture...
p.s. blogspot was having difficulty yesterday and I was unable to post to yours or any other blogspot blog...just letting you know.. :)
I think there's some serious warfare with wordpress which is my blog plate form...

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