Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Highlights From Spanish Mags

While we were in Madrid last month I picked up a few design magazines.  I do this on every trip - it allows me to gather fresh inspiration from around the globe.  Here are a few highlights of what I discovered!

{Nuevo Estilo}
OK so most of don't live in something this spectacular, but I really fell for that art, the clean furniture and of course, the BRICK.
{Nuevo Estilo}
I find this room so sophisticated and multi-layered. 
My favorite pieces in the room are the lighting and those killer chairs.
{Nuevo Estilo}
One of my favorite looks - bookshelves in the dining area - but with Spanish flair. 
{El Corte Ingles}
Sorry for the picture quality but this is the real deal from my mag.  :)
I love the bookshelf and - wait - are those succulents on the coffee table?!
{Architectural Digest - Spanish Edition}
Just a few beautiful shots - I especially love that inviting front door.


{El Corte Ingles}
I thought this was a fun, playful room that still packs a lot of style.
I almost bought some tin cans at a market in Amsterdam last month and now I keep seeing them pop up everywhere in blog land. I'm kicking myself for not buying them - love this casual look for flower arranging, inside or out.

{Architectural Digest - Spanish Edition}
There is so much energy and earthiness in this combination of items.
I'd like one of each please.  :)

{El Corte Ingles}
I have never seen circus art look so good!

{El Corte Ingles}
This is the desk area in the same house as above.  I think the combination of that interesting desk with the leather chair looks great.

If you'd like to read more about Spain, click here, here, here and here.


under spanish moss said...

Love the first image with the interior brick! Keep seeing zebra rugs showing up every where these days. Loving that look!

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful images! I love picking up foreign design magazines, always something different to see reflective of the various cultures which I am always inspired by.

Stacy CUrran said...

Every one of those is just beautiful! What a great idea for a post. I really, really enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

so wonderful to have access to magazines from other countries..fabulous inspiration...love the black gilded chairs



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