Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Idea Of Perfection: Master Bath

I was perusing my "dream house" folder today and came across some images of my favorite master bathrooms.  For the most part, you'll see a common thread here - it's painfully obvious that I like a very neutral, European-spa type of bath.  I'm not sure if that makes me preferences boring or beautiful.  :)  I can't deny it though - sometimes collecting photos you are drawn to makes it so *crystal clear* what the right choices are! 

Here are a few that top my list:

Wow, those windows...but the bench and orchids also
add to this incredibly soothing ambience.

John Saladino
I love the neutral, clean, European feel of this bath. 
And what a luxury to not only have a vanity but another chair in the room! 

Restoration Hardware
The sketches in between the mirrors add an interesting touch, along with that gorgeous tone of wood and the metal accents in the bench and lighting.  Love it.


I thought this was a clever layout - water closet to the right, shower to the left, and the bath takes center stage.  Again, the luxury of a vanity and chair too! 
The black and white photos are a cool idea too.


Notice the detailing in the tile above the sink. 
I love the shape of the tiles and the design as a great accent.

Elle Decor - Courtney Cox's home
I came across this recently and loved the idea of two pendants over the sink
and a large mirror going all the way across. 

I think this combination of mosaics is just reminds me of a Roman Bath.  I could get used to that.  Plus it has greys and browns to acommodate
a lot of directions in wood colors, etc.

I'd just add a few accessories:

Two of my favorite things together:  apothecary jars and beautiful soaps!

Williams-Sonoma Home
Luxurious bath towels - preferably monogrammed or
embroidered with a beautiful design. 
This is where a hint of delicate color starts to creep into the decor.

Williams-Sonoma Home
Something inspired by the sea...

And, of course, candlelight!

What do you think?  Boring or Beautiful?


The enchanted home said...

Beautiful post.....I share in what you like for a master bathroom, love each and every image above. Tend to prefer soft neutrals, gorgeous towels, and all the little touches that make it extra luxurious.

Rachael @ Roco Rennie said...

These are refreshing bathrooms I love the shot of the apothecary jars and soaps! P.S Sorry for the lack of comments recently, been a bit mad last week xx

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the neutrals with perhaps a soft color as an accent such as lavender or gray/blue used in the towels and candles...seems so boring yet it's so elegant..funny how I keep hearing many of us bloggers/commentors saying the same thing about neutral decor...we love it but keep apologizing for it..
lovely images,

Karena said...

Barbara, I think glorious!! I love the first image and the jars with wonderful soaps is perfect. Oh and I must get to William Sonoma Home!

Art by Karena

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quintessence said...

Love it all - I think the Saladino bath is my favorite!!


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