Saturday, July 16, 2011

Subtle Beach Inspired Decorating Ideas

Below are a few rooms I have come across lately, or re-discovered, that evoke a beach feeling without being totally over the top.  For me that's the perfect reminder on a rainy Summer day - and we have had a lot of those in Munich this Summer!

Interior Philosophy

Meg Braff

Georgia Carlee

mabley handler
Gold and Adler
Better Homes and Gardens

Elle Decor

Traditional Home
via Cote de Texas Blog
I am slightly obsessed with beach inspired interiors.  You can read my post about decorating with coral here and my dream beach house here.


What's your favorite way to bring the beach home with you?


Anonymous said...

beautiful rooms and designs...I'm absolutely in love with the porch, though..something about the willow furniture and weathered floor that offsets all the white..and then the splash of ocean the soft and subtle blues to the little more vibrant...all beautiful..

The enchanted home said...

Love each and every room! I am always inspired by elegant beach and coastal decor!!

quintessence said...

All lovely but I do just love Meg Braff's upbeat aesthetic. I like low maintenance at the beach. There's always sand and something wet lurking around and I don't want to have to worry about ruining something!!

Donna Parsley said...

I am also with you when it comes to beach house decoration. It's simple yet very elegant, and it requires very little maintenance. My house is actually filled with beach-inspired decors. But I'm hoping to buy a real beach house someday! =]


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