Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunflower Yellow

Today's post is all about beautiful spaces and products infused with, or inspired by, this beautiful flower...

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...or, perhaps in some cases, closer to the color of this yummy condiment:


Jacqueline Derrey Segura via Enchanted Home Blog

Elle Decor

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Barry Dixon

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via Design Manifest
Birch and Lilly

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Wishing you a lovely Fall day!


The enchanted home said...

Hi Barbara...yellow to me is the "feel good" color, everything looks so sunny, happy and crisp when done in yellow. I have never had a yellow room but do love pops of it, even if its a bowl of lemons or yellow apples......beautiful color.

Acquired Objects said...

That first image is amazing! All gorgeous rooms but I prefer splashes of color rather then on the walls and yellow looks great with everything.

Enjoy your weekend Babrbara!

Thoughts on Design said...

Such a cheerful color and "sunny" post to read first thing in the morning! I think soft yellow room is a perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee in the morning and can feel so romantic with candle light in the evening...


Luciane at said...

Good morning, my dear Barbara.

How are you doing today, sweetie?

Yellow is becoming my newest favorite color. I think we need to add more yellow around my house. It's vibrant and happy!
I couldn't see the 2nd picture. It seems to have a problem. Just letting you know.

I'm sorry I'm missing some of your posts lately. But I'm trying to spend very little time in front of the computer. I have too much pain if I stay here for too long. So, I'm trying to take it easy now, since there's only 4 weeks to go. :-)

Wishing you a blessed weekend.


Luciane at

Anonymous said...

beautiful space..the yellow really wakes you's fresh and the vignette with the painting over the console table...stunning..

The Vintique Object said...

To have an interior courtyard with yellow leaves falling in the autumn...sigh. Heavenly.
I'm a big fan of yellow/mustard.

I wanted to send you a belated thanks for the Versatile Blogger award. That means a lot coming from you!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Beautiful spaces Barbara...Have always loved the Barry Dixon room...So many others to enjoy. Have a great weekend. Mona


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