Monday, October 31, 2011

Intriguing Spaces

Hi Everyone!  We leave in the morning for our trip to Slovenia - I am sooo excited!  I hope to come back refreshed and inspired by the experience.  

That means six days without blog posts so I thought I'd better make this a good one!  I have started several pinboards on pinterest, but the one where I keep my most interesting images is the one I call Intriguing Spaces.   Some images are truly beautiful (I guess it's up to you to decide which ones :)) whereas others may not be automatically beautiful...yet something about them made me very curious - whether they are simply unique, have high contrast, or whatever else.

So, here you go - hopefully this will be enough to keep you engaged until I return next Monday!

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Utilitarian firewood becomes art.

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The chair, the funky art and the cactus are pretty interesting.

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Don't miss that those are astrological signs above the mantel.

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What is that material for the mirror frame?

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Pretty cool lighting, but not so sure about the plywood ceiling but they get points for being original.

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I think this mirror tile by Ann Sacks looks pretty amazing!

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I'd love to hear about what you loved and hated...:)

As a side note, the taco house I talked about on Saturday's post that we tried out was GREAT. 
We'll definitely be regulars there from now on!


Oh, and Happy Halloween!


Luciane at said...

Hello sweetie!

How are you doing? Slovenia? Wow! Have a wonderful trip!!!
I'm amazed by that bathtub! How great is that? So unique!!! Thank you for sharing it!

Happy Halloween!


Luciane at

Anonymous said...

beautiful images...they all seem to have a few simple or organic elements that keeps them balanced yet fresh...I'm especially inspired by the sepia toned image with the settee and art..that color is a little more towards amber and it's one of my favorites...
have a great time on your trip..

The enchanted home said...

Bon Voyage, sounds like a wonderful trip. I cannot wait to hear all about it!! Such pretty images, love that mirrored Ann Sacks tile dramatic and that blue and gold room, stunning! (colors I am using in my family room) Beautiful send off travels and enjoy!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Intriguing spaces for sure! The brass picture lighting in the first image caught my eye. Creative and interesting!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Hi Barbara, have no fears, we will be here when you return! Enjoy the time with your family!

My least favorite photo was the room with the unfinished plywood ceiling and very strange "birds nest" light fixture.

My favorite room was probably the room with the large map and world globes! Love it!

Happy trails!

The Vintique Object said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love these rooms, Barbara! It makes me realize how much I enjoy a bit of quirk. The first photo you picked is probably one of my all time favorite living rooms. And the one with the big map? Oh yeah!

Have a great time in Slovia. Can't wait to see those pics!

Haus and Home said...

Have a great time in Slovenia and takes lots of good pictures for us.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Fabulous spaces...I hope you have a wonderful trip...can't wait to hear all about it. XO, Mona

mary said...

The fourth image is pretty amazing: suede(?) tufted settee, zebra rung, Fortuny pillow, black or aubergine lacquered walls and a French brass and opaline black glass table--am I forgetting anything? Super chic. Thanks for reminding me that great design elements are alive and kicking! Mary

Unknown said...

Barbara, have the most magical journey!

Love seeing your pinboard for intriguing favorites were 1, 4 and 5. All seem to have some varying textures and some high contrast (light and dark) which I'm drawn to!

Can't wait to hear about your trip!
xo Elizabeth

The Buzz Blog said...

Love the varied looks in these and the use of texture and color... each one had me pausing for a while to look! Hope you have a fabulous trip and look forward to hearing all about it.

Stacy CUrran said...


Thoughts on Design said...


Have a fun trip! We'll all be here waiting for you when you return!

My favs are the firewood as art image, the funky cactus one you liked, the contemporary interior that is framed by the arched lamp, the black and purple painting framed by the doors and my MOST favorite, the Axel Vervoordt image from his Venice apartment. All of these images are wonderfully edited and draw me in. The various pieces of furniture, artwork, lighting, colors, materials and textures all have room to breathe and to interact with each other. There is balance in their simplicity, yet I feel a hint of mystery in each image. I want to step into each room and explore them more - to get to know them better.

Some of the the other images are beautiful and I like them, but they're too symmetrical for me - a litle too static. I need to see/feel more visual tension.

My least favs were the twiggy dining room. All those "sharp things" make me nervous. And the two pictures with the animal horns and skulls. The room feel like it's trying too hard to me.

I'm sure other will disagree. That's what I love about this business as an art form - it's so emotional and subjective. I always find I can learn from another's perspective and point of view.

Just my 2 cents.


Inge said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I really love the outdoor bathroom with all the curtains... How romantic. That's a bathroom I'd love to see in a guesthouse! ;-)
Inge x

Splendid Market said...

I could spend the rest of my days on that olive velvet "couch" blogging, reading, eating, holding court, what a great piece of furniture. I would only leave it to to go to that tree house bath {I hope the water is hot}. I also love that wall of cut logs. Enjoy Slovenia. I am off to the ranch in Malibu, I am going to try to do some insider posts, but not sure I will be able to.

quintessence said...

Intriguing indeed!! Love them all! Wishing you a wonderful trip!! I look forward to seeing your reports!!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I hope you're planning on posting lots of photos for us who have never been so lucky to make it to Slovenia. I've heard it's stunning!! You have such an amazing eye for finding great rooms. Love them all!


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