Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I was so happy to find out that I received The Versatile Blogger Award from Debra at Acquired Objects over the weekend. What a pleasant suprise! Please stop by her beautiful blog for a visit - I am consistently inspired by her beautiful posts, her knowledge of  gorgeous textiles and much more!

To accept this award, I need to reveal seven things about myself.  
This is hard for me - who wants to hear about my life???  I tried to make it interesting.  :)  Here goes:

1. Although I majored in business, I took a detour for part of my university time and studied fine arts in London.  During that time, I learned to appreciate why Shakespeare deserved all that good press!   BTW, Oregon  has a renowned Shakespeare Festival - if you haven't been, I'd recommend it!


2.  Lest you think I'm a culture snob, you should know that my musical tastes are a bit eclectic. I love Metallica as much as I love Mozart, and have seen live performances of each. Loved 'em both. Does that surprise anyone?!? 

I decided NOT to include a picture of Metallica, only Mozart - he's nicer to look at. :)

3.    I spent most of my high-tech career living throughout California, including several years in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco with views like this. During that time I really fell in love with beautiful design and the good taste that so defines San Francisco's reputation as a sophisticated and beautiful location. To me it doesn't get any better than San Francisco.


4.  My otherwise very traditional, yet open minded parents took me to visit the now infamous
Rajneeshpuram commune in Oregon when I was a child. They weren't thinking of giving away all their assets and joining, which many professionals at that time were doing (Our tour guide was a doctor from Chicago who had left his family and turned over all of his assets to the commune so he could live there). Fortunately, my parents were only curious about this very interesting phenomenon that went on in Oregon at that time. I think that I got my curiosity for exploring exotic places from my parents, don't you?!!

All of the members wore "energy colors" and the leader had a collection of Rolls Royces...

5. I have a mental list of future hobbies to explore, including glass blowing and pottery. I'd LOVE to learn how to make something like this:


6.  I started skiing when I was 4 and went on to work on ski patrol as well as race.  I still love skiing and I am starting to really get back into it now that my kids are at an age where they can ski too!  Thanks Dad, for all those years of patient instruction and hot chocolate!


7. After four years in Munich, I am relatively fluent in German which was a huge personal goal for me. I'm also working on reviving my Spanish. The good and bad news is that my kids have easily passed me on both langugages already! Seeing my kids pick up languages so quickly has made me a total evangelist for early language education in America!

Well, that's enough about me!  Now for the fun part.  I am passing this award on to the following very deserving bloggers - some of which I have been inspired by for a while and others that are new to me that I am just getting to know.  Please stop by their blogs and say hello:
  1. Eclectic Revisited
  2. The Design Pages
  3. Field Stone Hill
  4. Haus and Home
  5. The Vintique Object
  6. Home Bunch
  7. Hyphen Interiors
  8. Living Savvy
  9. My Wishful Thinking
  10. The Lennox
  11. Quintessence
  12. Belgian Pearls
  13. Karina Gentinetta
  14. Splendid Market
  15. The Buzz Blog

Thank you again Debra - I'm honored!

Also, thanks for all of the feedback yesterday on Eat-In Kitchens. It was very interesting to hear everyone's comments. There were a variety of opinions which I found great - we all have different needs and ideas of perfection, and that's what makes all of this design stuff soooo interesting! :)  Bis Morgen!  (until tomorrow...:))


Acquired Objects said...

This is why I love these awards it makes us put ourselves out there and it’s great fun to learn things about people we might never get to know. Like you I have very eclectic taste in music about the only kind of music outside my realm is hip-hop that I don’t really get. Nice getting to know more about you, I’m off to visit some of the blogs you awarded and get to know them. Thank you for your kind words about myself and my blog.

Thouhgts on Design said...

Congrats on your well deserved recognition! Reading your posts has become part of my morning ritual and a great way for me to start my day. It gets my design juices flowing!

Karina Gentinetta said...

My goodness! I want to be just like you when I grow up. :) Seriously, your life sounds so full and so exciting and varied. Your award was well deserved and I'm honored to be part of the list of recipients in turn. I hope I do you proud!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Congrats, Its so much fun to learn about another blogger and designer.I am adding your blog to my blog roll.

Hyphen Interiors said...

That was a very interesting read! So fun to learn more about you - your life sounds very cultured which is what I want for my kids, one day. Thanks for passing it on to me!

The enchanted home said...

Barbara you are sooo interesting!! How fascinating was visiting a real live commune? Must have been an experience!
I love skiing too but know you are waaay better than me, and in my old age (46) I just have become increidbly chicken. I looove San Francisco, such a special charmer of a city. And like you my music tastes are truly all over the map...I really love it all WHEN DONE WELL.

PS Share you love for Shakespeare and it was amazing how I reawakened that awe as my kids went through school and we got to discuss it again but this time through their eyes!!

Great post and sooo happy for all the lucky recipients!

Anonymous said...

thank-you Barbara for including me i this very impressive list of bloggers...it's an honor.. :)
and so nice to learn more about you..that you like skiing which I didn't know and that your parents are sorta hippies (?) with some sensibilities..!!
I'll get to posting about the blogger award shortly..
thank-you again..

Greet Lefèvre said...

Barbara,I truly enjoyed reading about you!! And I feel so honoured you pass on this award to me!! I appreciate it a lot!! Thank you!!!!

The Buzz Blog said...

Loved reading more about you Barbara and as a former Scorpions fan, I applaud your inclusion of Metallica in your taste for music! Tahnk you for honoring me with the award and I'll be posting something tomorrow.

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

Barbara... thank you so much for this award! I look forward to looking at all of the other blogger you have included me with!

I think it is great to experience different cultures... at very awesome to share that with your kids!


Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Wow, tri-lingual??? I am totally impressed! And I want to see pictures of the glass blowing, girl! (c: Congrats on the award, it is definitely well deserved!

Splendid Market said...

Barbara ~ I loved hearing more about you. I was laughing about the visit to Rajneeshpuram...I remember going to the Rajneesh night club in Portland when I was in college. I love that we have this in common!

Thank you so very much for passing on the Versatile Blogger award. That is such an honor.

Of course, you are very deserving of this award, I always feel like I learn something interesting when I read your blog. Thank you again, I feel honored! ebh

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

How fun! I loved your 7 facts!

I also have VERY eclectic music tastes that probably comes from my mom listening exclusively to classical and my dad listening exclusively to jazz and myself growing up on punk rock!

As for the skiing, well, I think you might have gathered from my blog post yesterday that I'm a bit of a snowboarding fan!

Haus and Home said...

Danke for my Versatile Blogger award!

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

I somehow managed to miss this in the chaos of the last couple of days but congrats on the award, and thank you so much for passing the award on to me, it honestly made my week! I also laughed out loud and your eclectic taste in music, your love of Metallica really surprised me (we have that in common by the way)!


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