Thursday, November 17, 2011

Little Touches For Thanksgiving

I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a week away!  Without the hype and participation of everyone around me here in Europe, the holiday just kind of slips off of my radar...  However, I thought at least a post with a few ideas covering decor for this wonderful time of year was in order.  :)  And, since I seem to be drawn to very simple, nature-based accents at the moment, all of these fall in line with that theme:

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This is my ideal inspiration image for Thanksgiving!  I am loving the mis-matched silverware and that nutmeg velvet ribbon on the rustic table...

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Isn't this wreath gorgeous?
It can transition from Thanksgiving into Christmas beautifully!

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Another sweet wreath...

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So clever to use pumpkins as risers, don't you think?

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I have posted this table before but I think this is a great, rustic, beautiful table for Fall!

So, since we won't be celebrating, let me live vicariously through all of you that are in the US:
What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?

Sources and more ideas can be found here and here.


Thoughts on Design said...

Our son and fiance are coming for eh afternoon and dinner. We'll probbaly sit around and watch the annual Detroit Lions game (sort of a family ritual. We're hoping we'll have an Indian Summer Day so a nice long walk can be taken. We do need to be limbered up for dinner, right? Last year we discovered that a nice Sauturne pairs wonderfully with Sally's pumpkin pie and especially apple pie! This year's experiment will be can a good Rieling find happiness with turkey and trimmings? Somewhere in there, we'll all join hands and say a prayer of thankgiving for our dear lab Chipper, who we lost about 6 weeks ago. He was a sweet dog with a lion's heart and one of our best friends.

Loved your post! I;ve taken away a couple ideas for out dinner table setting!


Luciane at said...

Wow! This is so beautiful, Barbara.

We've already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada and it was such a special moment for us. I kept everything very simple this year, but everything felt just
perfect. These images reminds me of it: simplicity makes it even more special somehow.

Have a blessed day, my friend.


Luciane at

Anonymous said...

love the simple, rustic and elegant ways to celebrate the holiday...the gorgeous wreaths and pretty paper chain are fun and festive..
beautiful post..

The enchanted home said... this post, the best of rustic elegance and proof that you dont' need to break the bank to create a beautiful or elegant formal Thanksgiving setting or vignette. Acorns, pinecones, even those darling printables are all beautiful elements as you so well really is such a beautiful time of year.

The enchanted home said...

And as far as what we are doing, the only guarantee is that my parents are coming up, and I plan on eating. A lot. No holds barred. Free pass for the day, including dessert:)

The Buzz Blog said...

I don't know if you had a chnace to read my post yesterday but we remember having Thanksgiving in Belgium and how fun it was to try to source the traditional meal in a foreign country! These simple touches featured here are what the holiday is all about...

Charlotta Ward said...

What a lovely post! So much Autumnal inspiration that I couldn't keep up with myself pinning to my Pinterest! :)

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden but it is one holiday I wish we could merge into our culture!

Am off to see if I find a subscription button now. Am loving your blog.

x Charlotta
Space for Inspiration

Acquired Objects said...

Gorgeous ideas for the table and Dylan dog and I are off tomorrow into the woods for some of these things. I can't believe one week away and people start arriving on Monday.....

Greet Lefèvre said...

These ideas are all fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Bummed that I miss out on this holiday but at least I get to swoon over all the decorating ideas!


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