Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Magic of Urns

I am absolutely smitten with urns.  Maybe I have lived and traveled in Europe too long, but I keep finding more and more uses for them and think they are just beautiful!  Here are a few ideas for urns in many different sizes and settings.  I could go on and on...contact me if you'd like more ideas!  

The scale on these is pretty small but so nice. 
They'd be great in a powder room or on a mantel.

I saw a ton of these in Provence last year and fell in love.  I think one on each side of the front door with evergreens would be so lovely! 

Ah...orchids.  You can't go wrong. 
(Also love the horn although the vegetarian in me shivers a little bit when I see them.)

Limes in a black urn are a bit more contemporary so it gives it a very clean look.

Very traditional, but stunning nonetheless. 
Casablanca Lillies are right up there on my list of favorite flowers, so they get me every time.  Look how pretty they look with the fir boughs too...

So cool.  So airy.  Love it!

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
I took this picture at an antiques market in Provence last summer.  I love the idea of a few urns outside my kitchen with rosemary, thyme, basil and sage spilling out of them....

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